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(07) 40310166
82 Grafton Street, Main Street Arcade, Cairns

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14 May 2008

I had seen it but never ventured into the Curry Bowl until they moved into my neighbourhood - now at Manoora I am a fairly regular fixture in the place!! The food is always great and the service is helpful and super friendly. My fave moment - guy walked in and said 'I wish I had known you were here - I have just ordered pizza from Dominoes - I wont be making that mistake again'!! My sentiments exactly!! My kids even prefer it to Maccas!! Keep up the great work guys!!

22 Apr 2008

Fantastic option for vegetarians. Dinner is available from the shop at Brinsmead (near dominos) Quick service, staff are always happy and welcoming, food is freshly made and tastes great. Small selection of dishes, but all are high quality. Nothing too spicy. :)

15 Aug 2007

great choice of curry at a very reasnable price i have never had a better curry. i will be going back.

15 Nov 2005

Mini choice of food, but it's delicious (Sri Lankan curry).
Owners and staff - always smiling and very friendly.
I've been a satisfied customer for over 10 years and I know, there are many more like me, because I still see the same clients, I have seen so many years ago.

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