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Archer River Roadhouse





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(07) 4060 3266
Development Road, Coen

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Tommy Brayshaw
16 Jul 2012

Well I have to disagree with Joe, I travel the road from Weipa to Coen often and the burgers and fish come highly recommended. The new owners go out of their way to help everyone don't knock them until you go and meet them also have a burger.

Joe Henry
21 Aug 2009

Yea the archer burger is awesome. Whatever you do don't eat at the cafe in Coen. Many reports of food gone bad and way too expensive. Even the locals don't eat there. They all go to the pub for awesome roast meals (pork and lamb and chicken and beef). So yea archer is the best cafe on the cape. (All they need is tap beer)

29 Dec 2008

Been there a couple of times from fishing trips further on and back. It is an oasis even if only to get off that corrugated road. the Staff is fantastic,provisions aplenty,Amenities like a shower after a long day, but man you got to have one of their Archer Burger that is something else.

chris richards
16 Oct 2007

Great hospitality, cold grog, and the best burger i've ever eaten and all halfway up the cape! And use of the workshop to do a wheel bearing change on the bike was not a problem...a must stopover for anyone doing the cape.

James Cranfield
17 Sep 2007

We stopped at Archer River 12/9/07 on the way back down from a three week fishing trip.I am jelous of the people that own that little piece of serenity in the outback, good feed ,clean amenities,a great place to kick back and relax we will definatly stop there again.

Steve Alby's Lost
3 Oct 2006

Wel to the gang at ARR all i can say is bloody great to come from a dusty road and end up at The ARR Just to get a cold XXXX and be able to clean up after being out in the bush for 3 to 5 days @ a time the come into ARR and be able to clean up stock up with a few XXXX and just sit down and relax wow

Bloody fantastic

oh yes we did do the OTL and we survived Gun Shot is just great


27 Jul 2006

Thank you Archer River - we stopped there on our way to the Tip and back. Beautiful and special place. Staff were great and really friendly, nothing was too much to ask. Your mini museum/photos were great and interesting to know more about this history of the place and the people.
I loved it!


Sneddon Family
27 Apr 2006

Well done management and staff of Archer River Roadhouse,hospitality was outstanding, camped there for 7 days and truly enjoyed out stay, our 3 kids were made very welcome and an adventure was around every corner, we will return again and get to sit down and sample one of your Archer River Burgers that you are so well known for - once again thanks.
Sneddon Family - Cairns.

6 Apr 2006

hey, im the daughter of the owners of Archer River Roadhouse. its great to hear positive feed back from customers. it makes you feel that all youve worked for has payed off.

this year at the archer weve undertaken a new project to build more amenities blocks and were hoping to get that finished by the end of the year sometime, so come up and have a look! it should be a bit better than the 1 toilett and shower that was there before...

well we plan to have another great year this year. thanks again.

15 Feb 2006

yeah i agree best hamburgers i've eva had and after driving along the delepmental road it was probably the best sleep i've ever had to. and mum lost her wedding ring there if any one's found it give us a yell. it's gold thats about all i no... thanx

24 Jan 2006

Friendly people, good service, cold beer and the best hamburgers this side of the black stump.

4 Jan 2004

Best hamburger that I have ever had. Almost worth the drive back, just for another hamburger!!

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