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Hides Coffee Cafe

In the heart of Cairns is one of the oldest hotels in the region, Hides Hotel. And at the base of this historic accommodation is a funky cafe where happy patrons enjoy coffee and cafe food. For those of us have voyeuristic tendencies, this cafe is the prime place to watch the world, and other people, go by.




Cairns CBD

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(07) 40411899
87 Lake Street, Cairns

What people are saying...

6 Sep 2012

Extremely nice crew. The best cappuccino in town, especially if made by Cathy. I love the Eggs Benedict and free WiFi. It's worth to check it out.

24 Mar 2011

Me and my boyfriend where really hungry one day and decided to grab a bit from Hides Corner Cafe... it was so amazing it's the only place we eat in the city now :p

We had Eggs, beans, bacon and toast with milkshakes for our drinks... Best eggs, bacon, beans and shake Ihave tasted in Australia in the 8 months I've been here. No offence Australia, but you can beat and English's knowlege of a good 'fry up'. You should all eat here!!! the staff are awesome too!!!!

Torsten Mueller
3 Jul 2010

One of my favourite places for breakfast. They have the bestest Egg Bacon Roll and free wifi - fast too. Just really nice for a great Coffee and Brunch. :)

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