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Port Douglas


(07) 40994776
5 Macrossan Street, Port Douglas

What people are saying...

9 Dec 2010

We have eaten here a couple of times now and not had a bad experience yet. This time though, the deserts were the best I have ever seen/had! It was like eating fantastic tasting ART!! YUM!! The toad racing however, was on after we left at 8pm.

Janet Hooper
13 Nov 2009

We had the best night at this pub, it really capped off our trip. The meals are scrumptious. Lobster, emu, crocodile and roo! The staff are casual and friendly. The music they play in the bar is great, then they have can toad racing every night at 7pm. It is a real blast and you shouldn't miss out. Also they are kid-friendly.

Geoff Smyth
10 Dec 2008

Great spot, great food, great entertainment...toad racing was fab! My wife and I had a fantastic time! Recommended 10/10!!

18 Jul 2006

Went to the Ironbar for a few lunches and evening meals. Prices are very reasonable and the menu was extensive. Not only was this an authentic rustic iron bar but has some of the best nightlife also in PD with live bands playing 4-5 nights a week.
Looking forward to returning in a few months :)

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