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(07) 40939939
28 Coondoo Street, Kuranda

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30 Apr 2010

Our group of eight had lunch at Kuranda rainforest view restaurant during Easter holiday. We loved the atmosphere as well as the choice of food.

There was a good variety of meal for everyone. I had Reef and Beef and my wife had Crocodile salad.

We enjoyed our meal very much. The service was efficient. I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone. I am sure you won't be disappointed!

5 Dec 2009

I had a ham cheese and mustard sandwich at this joint, the mustard turned up on the side so had to basically make the sanger myself. My wife had a turkey salad and avocado sandwich, she also had a beer and I had a softdrink. Average sangers and when time to pay the bill, the limping thief operating the till charged us almost FIFTY DOLLARS FOR TWO SANGERS AND TWO DRINKS. Eat here if you want very very average food and you wish to be robbed for the experience.

14 Nov 2009

Wow, this restaurant is a real retreat with a great rainforest atmosphere. Lunch at Rainforest View Restaurant was enjoyable especially with the presence of Kookaburras who were coming to the table for having a bite of our combo (Kangaroo& Crocodile). My favourite drink Mango smoothie was really delicious and creamy. A real great food and accommodating staff made our visit to Kuranda unforgettable!

5 Jul 2009

Kangaroo and 'rib fillet' = overcooked and chewy. Mushroom sauce smooshed all over the sides of the plate. Sauce for the kangaroo more like cordial. Kangaroo served with strange toasted bread crusts from cheapo, nasty bread. But that's not all...... Big black hair in the very ordinary salad. When we mentioned it to the supervisor she ever so kindly didn't charge for the $3 mini-pot of mushroom sauce but still charged us $60 for the rest of the filth they served up. Do not eat here if you want good food and/or value for your $$$.

19 Apr 2009

Had lunch here on the 12/4/09. The service was terrible, waited about half an hour before we received our drinks. It was a quiet day so I hate to think how long it would take on a busy day. Staff could not explain the meals and thier contents from the ridiculously large menu.

A few of us in the group had the steak sandwich wich was tough and the steak had such a bad smell it made you want to throw up. A steak sandwich at $16.95 and a standard burger at $9.95 did not even come with fries. WHAT A RIPP OFF.

The burgers came with a piece of plastic cheese a burger patti bought from IGA (BLACK AND GOLD) a lettuce leaf and a slice of tomatoe on a bun from the local IGA as well. It was worse than fast food at a snails pace.

30 May 2008

excellent food, great service, dont visit Kuranda without eating here!!

victoria maclaurin
21 Oct 2007

Had tea and scones surrounded by rainforest. Fantastic service, excellent food and a brilliant atmosphere. Will certainly return when in the area, thank you.

Angie Foster
3 Oct 2005

This was a really good restaraunt, the buffet was wonderful with a great atmosphere and view (and bar) hehhe, We wnt to Kuranda for the markets and left with one of our best dining restaraunts of our trip, Thanks Rainforest View \

James Andersim
31 May 2004

Great food and service, made our week to kuranada, ate their 4 times in 7 days. greaT BUFFET

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