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La Fettuccina

A trendy Italian restaurant offering a comprehensive selection of pasta and seafood pasta dishes. Exceptional service and great food make LA Fettuccina a high calibre dining experience.




Al fresco, A la carte, Licensed

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(07) 40315959
41 Shields Street, Cairns

What people are saying...

Zalega Zbigniew
3 Jan 2011

La Fettucina fantastic restaurant. I'm delighted with it.

29 May 2009

I have been coming to Cairns for 18 years and can honestly say that the best place to eat is La Fettuccina. I now live here and still look forward to a night out that includes a meal at this restaurant! Not sure how they still consistently provide the best pasta, sauces, steaks, etc for miles, but keep it up!!

14 Apr 2009

La Fettuccina has the best pasta i have ever tried in my life, and i have travelled around most of the world.
(this is saying alot because i dont normally like italian food and this is one of my faveourite resteraunts)
their brushetta, palia, steak.. i could kill for their mushroom sauce. everything i have ever eaten there has been beautiful and fresh.
wonderful staff and amazing food.
your missing out if you havent been

3 Apr 2008

La Fettuccina is the best place in town! I had a fantastic experience working there for Marek!
Great place that you don't have to miss!
Excellent food!!!!!!!
A big kiss from Switzerland!
Dai Marek chiama ogni tanto.......

15 May 2007

Love it Love it Love it!! my favourite restaurant in the world the whole menu screams delish!! sad to see Marek sell out though..will miss you xo

17 Feb 2007

I have been to La Fettucina a few times and the food is amazing. Go the spaghettin mare monti........ hope I spelt it right. The service is excellent and has a good atmosphere. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!!!! Will be going back very soon.

20 Jan 2006

La Fettuccina is a fantastic place;people are really kind and the food is excellent!!
I miss a lot the fantastic BRUSCHETTA'S!!
A big big hug to Marek, ciao Mélanie (Switzerland).

Ben Johns
12 Dec 2005

Great place, the atmosphere is wonderful and the food second to none. A pleasurable experience that I highly recommend.

15 Nov 2005

Marek, you should be very proud of yourself. Great food, great staff.
What about some low fat italian cuisine?
I definitely would be visiting more often.

claire an donny
2 Aug 2005

we have been coming to Carins from New York for over 14 years and every year we make it our one ritual to have dinner at marek's place - superb food, fantastic people and greta atmosphere!

22 Jan 2005

Dear All,
I went in Cairns last year (2004), I am Italian and I can suggest to have a dinner to "LA FETTUCINA"...BY MAREK

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