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La Pizza

Extensive menu of pizzas available in small, medium & large. Pizzas are Italian style, thin base and wood fired. Our favourite is the Da Montania pizza with goat's cheese.




Visa, Al fresco, Family Friendly, EFTPOS, A la carte, Licensed, Mastercard, Disabled Access, Cairns Esplanade, Pizzeria

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(07) 40312646
93 Esplanade Street, Cairns

What people are saying...

5 Feb 2014

Service was pretty good but average pizza

1 Dec 2013

My Fav place on the esplanade to have the perfect coffee.
Been coming here for 5 yrs and always bring my friends in when they are in town...
You are defs lured in by the smell of the food and service is of great quality.

Staff are very friendly and helpful and being a regular they get to know you..

Thanks Guys !!!

13 Jan 2013

I was there with my family in July 2012 - the 5 of us shared 3 pizza's - best we've had bar none! One of the many highlights of our trip to FNQ.

13 Oct 2012

I must admit that about a year back the quality of the place was pretty bad. But It's back to the way it was, now. The Pizza is great. The staff are usually nice, and the waiting time isn't as bad as it used to be. But that's still pretty long.

23 Aug 2012

Awesome pizza. As a local I can safely say that La Pizza has the best pizza in Cairns. Don't expect anything good about the service though! Moody and quite rude staff don't make you feel welcome. So my suggestion is to order a takeaway pizza (ready in about 15 mins) and go eat it at a nice spot on the esplanade :)
Seems to be a few complaints about the breakfasts here. I would suggest if you want breakfast, you go to somewhere called La Breakfast. If you want fantastically tasty pizza, go to La Pizza!

30 Aug 2011

Lured in by the smell and the great location, the four of us decided to pay a little extra for a breakfast that was to kick off our much needed vacation in Cairns, at Lapizza. Little did we realize that sitting down was our first great mistake.

No sooner did we order drinks that we were informed that we would have to wait for at least 25 mins for food, the restaurant not being even 1/3 filled to it's capacity and half the customers already eating, begged us to ask the question of why that would be? Our response was an extremely delightful "because we're f@&$ing busy! Now being stuck into our drink menu, we were TRAPPED for what quickly spiraled into the WORST breakfast I have ever endured in my short 27 years on Earth.

Now obviously some blame for what can only be described as God Almighty Awful! must lie with us for not leaving at this point. But to explain it much quicker than I have been, the service was terrible, the order was wrong on one plate and when brought attention to was told that I would have to wait behind 6 other orders for it to be rectified (it was a piece of toast that was missing). The food itself wasn't to bad, just don't ask for crispy bacon as it appears to mean "flaccid, under cooked, fat ridden bacon" in Lapizza. And the price was a little steep.

All in all, save your hard earned cash and dine in a restaurant that offers smiles to the customers... Maybe even McDonalds if your desperate enough.

Love Cam.

20 Jul 2011

I would personally never eat at la pizza ever again, staff are always sad looking, and I realized why the other night, the woman who managers or owns the place speaks to her staff like they are scum, it was disgusting to watch, I felt sorry for the poor waitress. Pizza was nothing to write write home about either.

11 Apr 2011

We were either conned by the menu or the chef can't read. We only ordered 3 breakfasts: 1 cinnamon toast, 1 bruschetta that was supposed to have proscuitto and 1 truffled oiled scrambled eggs. What we got was 1 apricot toast, no proscuitto and a burned omlette instead of the scrambled eggs.

We waited almost 30 mins and tried to eat some as we needed to catch the reef cruise. There were only 3 other tables occupied and 2 had already been served so the chef wasn't rushed.

We were told "next time let us know and we will fix it" As if there will be a next time- Never again. They may be ok with Pizza but can't understand their own breakfast menu

14 Feb 2011

The service in this restaurant is appauling. So rude.
Quite honestly, will the owner of this place, stop cashing in on the unsuspecting tourist and think about the locals aswell. Get some decent wait staff because the menu and the pizzas are great.
Never will I return.

Ravinder Singh
10 Feb 2011

I don't know what some people complain about. The pizza at Lapizza was awesome. I give it ten out of ten. I would go to this restaurant every time I visit beautiful cairns. I did not find a single unfriendly soul in whole city food and people were wonderful. I also got then mango smoothie from this restaurant and I still crave for it . My whole family loved it.

1 Jan 2011

Worst dining experience I have ever had in my life!!! Please don't waste your time at this eatery!
Staff where shockingly rude. I would love to know if the owners are aware of their ill mannered worn out staff. We where a table of 8 and amongst the 3 waiters out on the floor they found it difficult to join two tables together. We made the suggestion after waiting ten minutes to sit and watching them seat people who came after us. Their excuse was they where waiting for one of there big tables to leave. We where told it will take 40 mins for meals to come out which we agreed to. Drinks came out 30 mins later and not everything we ordered came out. We then waited another 10 mins for them to get it right. Our breakfast finally came out 80 mins later which we did receive apologies for however they still hadnt got it right and forgotten one of our meals. We obviously didn't Want to wait any longer than we had so told them not to worry about it. We asked the waitress for some tomato sauce she said ok and never cam back we then told he waiter he came back when we where finishing off and explained he was very embarrassed and sorry they had run out. Please don't waste ur time at thus horrible place. Oh and the pizza was very bland.

Nicky Jurd
14 Dec 2010

We came late toward the end of the night and shared a couple of pizzas between us. All the pizzas were excellent, not strictly Italian, but definitely Italian-style. My blue cheese gnocchi with pine nuts was awesome

Jenny Puxty
14 Jun 2010

My daughter and I wanted a pizza and saw the sign Lunch Special $10 with Pizza written underneath. Thinking that meant pizzas were $10 we ordered a medium size one.

The pizza was nice, the waiter was nice. The girl at the counter wasn't very pleasant and when I paid I checked the amounts and realised I'd paid $16 for a pizza. I stood at the counter and she said "Yes, is there a problem?".

I asked about the $10 pizza and she pointed at the special written on the board where the tables are and said "that's the special" and turned away. She was unpleasant, unhelpful and didn't even try to schmooze me.

The sign is misleading because I walked past it with my partner the day before and we both commented on how a pizza was $10. This is the second time I've been disappointed with the staff's attitude towards a local customer.

The last time the waiter couldn't even be bothered making eye contact with us when telling us the dinner special. He was off looking at the restaurant across the road.

You wonder why eating establishments in Cairns are not getting customers. This is why. Perhaps having a pleasant manner to locals is too much for you?

Well I'll never know if it improvies because I'll never go back to La Pizza again and will tell anyone about this when it comes up in conversation about where to eat and NOT to eat.

29 Dec 2009

Reviews are sometimes good....not this one.

If you want a nice breakfast with friendly service DO NOT go to La Pizza. There speciality obviously lies elsewhere.

We waited for about 45 minutes for the meal, when we followed up the whereabouts of the meal we were ignored by the staff. When the meal did arrive we could only stomach one mouthful before giving up annd walking out.

Then only to suffer the lies from the staff covering their backsides when we complained to management.

Management obviously forgot about the adage about unhappy customers....

20 Jun 2009

Great Pizza, great service, great location, great price!

23 Feb 2009

La Pizza is the type of restaurant you want to go back to again and again. Wonderful friendly and helpful staff and delicious Italian Food, Bellisimo!!!

Chris & Kate
1 Jan 2009

Great pizzas, especially the vegetarian options. The bases are cooked to perfection and the toppings are fresh and delicious. The coffee is high quality and made by a skilled barista, who understands how to make a very good (short) mac'. Take-aways take longer than the declared 10 minutes (usually 20-30) before they are ready.

28 Dec 2008

I am Italian and La Pizza has the best pizza i have ever tasted. Highly recommended.

8 Sep 2008

This place is my favorite pizzeria in cairns and one of my favorite restaurants. Absolutely wonderful!!!

Debbie DeIacovo
26 Jun 2008

First time diners on Fri 21st June 2008, great pizza's great food will be back

21 Nov 2007

Great food ;; friendly ;; do they have a website??

13 Feb 2006

Great pizza--friendly service--highly recommended--also, go around the corner and get some ice cream for dessert!

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