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(07) 40557414
Copperlode Dam, Cairns

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Irone de santis
1 Mar 2014

I just want to say the owners who run this place ate absolutely the most beautiful people I have met !! Wish the world had more people like this. Amazing beautiful spot and i will be going there all the time to visit now its totally worth the 20 minute drive beautiful scenery nice cafe and the owners and staff are amazing people so lovely to talk to. I really recommend this place to locals to get behind and support this hidden local gem. Tourists it's a must see destination you won't be disappointed !! Just beautiful x

Dale Edney
9 Jun 2011

Unfortunately the kiosk has not been cleaned up after Yasi. It's a real shame to see such a lovely destination go to waste.

If you're going to Lake Morris Kiosk you have to take your own picnic now.

Dale Edney
13 Mar 2010

the Lake Morris Kiosk is one of our favourite Cairns coffee locations.

I don't know why it's so long but we tried their macadamia nut brownies for the first time this morning and had to go back for seconds. Easily the best brownies that i've ever eaten!

24 Jun 2009

I went to Lake Morris few weeks ago.
Such a lovely spot, the road, a nice drive ,enjoyable, once up there... the view spectacular, priceless.The cafe, so clean, excellent service, the couple working there: easy to talk to them, to inform people about the dam, environment, just a nice chat.
I recommend it for everybody locals and tourists.


13 Jul 2007

This Kiosk is the best place in town..

1 May 2007

If you have never been for a drive up to Lake Morris, you should do it! The kiosk is just that, not a restaurant as such, so maybe pack a picnic, or use one of the BBQ areas. Had morning tea there with a couple of friends from Brisbane, nothing fancy just toasted sandwiches and coffee. We were served by an enthusiastic person named Liz, who was only too willing to chat and tell us about the area. An enjoyable morning, just a short drive from Cairns.

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