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Authentic Indian cuisine with helpful, attentive staff and friendly passionate owners. Open for lunch and dinner, Marinades is an inexpensive and fun restaurant for small groups, family outings and dinner with friends. Large groups can also take advantage of their brightly decorated banquet room.


Indian, Vegetarian


EFTPOS, A la carte, Licensed, Take Away

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Daily: 11:30am – 2:30pm , 6:00pm – 10:30pm
Monday: Closed




(07) 40411422
43 Spence Street, Cairns

What people are saying...

1 Jan 2015

When in Cairns I always make it a priority to dine at Marinades. Excellent service and the food is well priced and authentic Indian cuisine in every way. Try the Jinga Nissan (chilli prawns) entree. Can't speak highly enough of the food, keep up the good work.

David Anthony
22 Sep 2013

I love going to Marinades. I enjoy the atmosphere, especially if you are part of a group. The food is what you expect, the best naan bread in Cairns, by the way. You will not leave hungry after the feed. Best of all the staff are lovely and attentive. They make you come back.

29 Nov 2012

marinades the best restaurant in cairns i tried every indian restaurant in cairns but i find best place because i always love the best things. very good service awesome food, reasonable price :)

29 Nov 2012

Marinades is absolutely amazing. Being locals we are there every week!! If your passing by, it's a must do! You will not regret it! Love you Marinades, see you next week!

28 Nov 2012

Service was excellent, we were quickly seated and staff still apologized for the wait. Food was delicious, no complaints about our overall experience here at all and would definitely return and recommend to all.

28 Nov 2012

You walk along Spence street in Cairns and some restaurants are empty but not Marinades Food is good with an interesting choice and the service it great. Meals come out at the same time. (I hate it when one meal comes out long before the others.)

28 Nov 2012

Excellent Food excellent service been going there for nine years.
Some prices as same as they were nine years ago.
The secret the owners say is reducing their cost by importing ingredients from India.

Excellent keep it up

16 Nov 2012

Loved it food authentic and delicious will be going there every time i go to Cairns whether accompanied or not .. a little expensive but well worth it , Dont forget the naan bread oh and the detractors namely raj 28 Oct 2012 works next door at the Tandoori Oven where the food is dreadful, once it was reasonable but now not walk past both resaurants and go to the one with most people seated you wont have any problem deciding which !!!!

28 Oct 2012

I lived in Cairns for 4 years, marinades is not good any more, they used to be good but no any more, food is expesive, quality is poor and the quanity is low when u payin high price.

I wouldn;t reccommend this to anyone, I go next door to them Tandoori oven is slightly better.


14 Sep 2012

Marinades is not the way it used to be, the food is not good no more. They getting greedier with the quantity and getting
I would not recommend Marinades to anyone now.

Tandoori Oven is better lunch special now.

Sriranjini Vijayasimha
11 Apr 2012

Very tasty food that we ever had outside India. Best Indian cuisine. The staff and the service is very good and quick. It was a very delightful ambiance there.

Sriranjini Vijayasimha
11 Apr 2012

Very tasty food that we ever had outside India. Best Indian cuisine. The staff and the service is very good and quick. It was a very delightful ambiance there.

26 Dec 2011

Marinades is undoubtedly one of those Indian places that serve best and authentic Indian Cuisine. The food turned out to be absolutely incredible. It was very tasty, fresh and cooked to exact requirement. Service was with a smile. The ambience is lovely and superb and price extremely reasonable. Would not hesitate recommending it to anyone looking for top class Indian food in Cairns.

19 Oct 2011

Thoroughly enjoyed every morsel of it, especially the Chicken Tikka Marsala, I will definitely be back, and the service was good too.

7 May 2011

The Food was dissapointing, the service was ok. Marinades used to be good, but its quality has gone down dramatically. Won't be coming back. Also avoid the lamb rogan josh, it was the blandest curry i have ever eaten. Also they have increased the prices. Dissapointing

6 Mar 2011

If you're into Indian, then you absolutely must try this restaurant. The food is authentic and delicious, the staff are friendly, the service is good, and the prices reasonable. What more could you want? (ps: would not recommend for large groups on weekend night - then the service slows to a crawl)

4 Mar 2011


29 Jan 2011

The staff are always friendly and the food is always delicious. It would be hard to say which is my favourite dish as they're all tasty. I'm salivating now thinking about it. I recommend this restaurant to everyone.

Oliver Wright
9 Dec 2010

Having lived in the curry capital of England, it was with some trepidation we tried the various curry houses of Cairns. Marinades had been recommended as the best, its food was very authentic and tasty, the setting was equisite, and the experience was good, so it perhaps deserves the accolade of best in Cairns, but it did seem expensive for a curry!

7 Oct 2010

Disappointing, I've ate in many Indian Resturants, this one being the most bland and over priced of them all!

Anita Crowe
19 Jun 2010

Best Indian food in Cairns hands down. Greatest Chicken Tikka Masala In Queensland!!!

15 Feb 2010

We ate dinner at Marinades in 2003 and loved the Butter Chicken. We will go back on our next trip (Minneapolis to LAX to SYD to Cairns).

15 Aug 2008

Real authentic Indian food prepared by real authentic Indian chefs. Indian cuisine at its best.

6 Dec 2007

What can I say - we will be back. Astounding, everything was as near to perfect as possible, from attentive staff to superb food and at such good prices. Thanks Marinades

4 Aug 2007

Probably the best indian restaurant, and definately one of the best overall in Cairns!

19 Dec 2006

Marinades remains not only Cairns or Qld's, but Australia's finest Indian restaurant. It is wonderful to know that each time we go back, the standard of food and service will be superb. My wife and I have both lived in India, and are on an eternal quest for quality Indian food, so having Marinades so close to home make our life alot easier. 3/3. Excellent!

7 Apr 2003

Marinading in Indian pleasure
Reviewed on: 2003-03-28
Reviewer's rating: 3

The first bite/suck/lick/nibble/chew of food renowned for being exceptionally hot and spicy is often taken with trepidation and shrouded in nerves. Involuntary trembling or quivering accompanied with driblets of sweat emerging from your forehead is a common occurrence. After that first taste, your fears are either realised or relieved.

Marinades is a restaurant you don

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