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Pinocchio's Pizza

The enticing aromas from Pinnocchio's Pizza will always make you want to stop and try one! Great views of the esplanade lagoon, and a perfect place on the weekends to just sit and watch the myriad of people walk by.




Al fresco, Family Friendly, A la carte, Smoking Area, Take Away, Pizzeria

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(07) 40519029
79 The Esplanade, Cairns

What people are saying...

Jamie Bryant
2 Aug 2006

Tastes great but its expensive!

Mike Cox
16 May 2006

Hello Joss and Jack..!

I worked at the Pinocchio's Pizza for 2months in 2002.. Had a fantastic time - great entertainment and a great place to meet people!!

Hopefully they are both well and enjoying the lovely weather...

Take Care

Rupert Howell
18 Nov 2005

Hello Joss and Jack
Remember me?
The best pizza restaurant I've ever had the fortune to eat at. I look forward to eating there again in just over a months time - I hope you are both working there, would be great to catch up! I'll be in Cairns on the 30th Dec - 1st Jan. I'll be having a Capriciossa as soon as I get there.

12 Apr 2005

salut jack,
comment vas tu ,toujours a faire des pizzas aussi bonnes,
meilleures salutations.
patrick hyvernat

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