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(07) 40976857
66 Grigg Street, Ravenshoe

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Linda Waring
27 Apr 2010

My husband & I were in the Tablelands for the weekend & decided to have lunch in Ravenshoe on Sunday.

We chose to eat at the popular cafe as it looked inviting with its old fashioned character look, however we ordered the pasties for lunch with chips, they were not eatable. Very dry & far too salty, the chips also loaded with salt were cold, however the tea & coffee when it finally arrived was good, wont be back.

Jane Thurlow
31 Mar 2004

We had lunch here in 1994 when we were travelling back to Townsville from Cairns. We found that the meals were great and the people working tin the cafe so friendly. If we are ever up that way again we would be making a bee line straight for the cafe.

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