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(07) 40561310
35A Norman Street, Gordonvale

What people are saying...

9 Aug 2011

omg this place has the best food, when shaedyn cooks it ;)

Mrs N
22 Apr 2011

when our family goes to the swimming holes out that way , we always get our dinner there on the way home.
Top chips keep up the good work.

Rachael Moule
22 Jun 2010

That shaedyn chick that works there, well she's the best!

Caitlin :)
3 Feb 2010

Pyramid Cafe has the best chips in Gordonvale!!
P.s Shaedyn kills the whole place.!

Bobbie Boissevain
12 Aug 2009

omg yes ! she makes the bestest chiippies ! and if you dont like chips then just go there anyway to check her out ;)

Zac Smart
15 May 2009

Pyramid Cafe is the most baggin cafe in all town, espesially since Shaedyn Prosper works there :) She's the coolest ever!!

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