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Rex Burger Bar




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(07) 40311756
306 Sheridan Street, Cairns North

What people are saying...

27 Sep 2012

Still the best burgers around and chips that actually crunch... Love it!

1 Jun 2010

Im addicted to their steak burgers. They have the best REAL burgers in town.


Dont knock it till you try it!!

Rex Burger Lover
13 Aug 2007

gourmet chicken burger..... soooooooooo delicious!!!!!!!

no.1 rex burger fan
11 Sep 2006

If you are looking for a burger the old school way...don't go past Rex burger! It's hard to find burgers this good these day...It's the perfect hang-over cue ;)

17 Jun 2006

Best Burgers for many years, has changed hands many times but always good food at a good price, the idea of the previous poster of grabbing a burger and heading to the esplanade is a good idea as it is not too pleasant dinning in. Once again BEST BURGERS IN CAIRNS.

Greg Abernathy
12 Feb 2005

BEST burgers in Cairns!!! I spent a week in Cairns and found the Rex burgers to be the best in town!!! My partner and I got them to go and sat on the strand enjoying them while watching the tide...

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