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Sushi Express Cairns

Sushi Express chugged into town long before its identical twin, Sushi Train arrived. It serves delightful little Japanese treats on a genuine miniture train upstairs at Orchid Plaza.




Family Friendly, Buffet

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(07) 40414388
Shop 28 Abbott Street, Orchid Plaza, Cairns

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25 Jun 2013

Sushi Express is the most delicious sushi in all of Cairns. They remember you when you walk in and always have my regular dishes ready for me before I even order. The chef and owner are both beautiful people, always with a hello and smile. I can't express ('scuse the pun) how much I love Sushi Express. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys Japanese Cuisine

7 Jan 2013

I live 12 hours away and everytime that I come to cairns my first food stop is sushi express! It is by far the best sushi place I have ever been too! The waitress even remembers mine and my brothers name.

15 Aug 2012

My favourite sushi in Cairns!! Beautiful fresh sushi -and has been for years. Other sushi outlets in cairns stay open all day with product that sometimes sits there all day. Not sushi express! The service is exceptional. And even after only a couple visits you will find they use your name. Always offering water and green tea. (Nice not to have to ask) Also the food is so attractive
/well made. My favourite is 'express rolls'. If you love sushi you will LOVE sushi express at orchid plaza!

6 Sep 2011

Sushi Express is by far the best sushi train restaurant in Cairns. The food is delicious, the chef is so nice and always happy to cook something for you that's not on the train... even when it's not on the menu.

Staff is very friendly and helpful and the manager is so nice and friendly too. I absolutely love Sushi Express and i recommend it to all my friends and locals. You won't regret it!

25 Jan 2011

John you are clearly mistaken or have a mild case of amnesia as I have recently visited Sushi Express and it was great. It was during happy hour when all the plates were $2.50 and it was very cheap for what we recieved.

You get to see the chefs making the food so you know it's fresh and the overall atmosphere of the place is inviting and exciting.

The waitress that served us was very friendly and the second time we went she even remebered our names.

13 Oct 2009

We went there tonight and received very rude service - we were overcharged for our meals. They kept clearing the plates during the evening.

We complained on 2 occassions that we had not recieved 3 dishes that we ordered and went on the list. I tried to explain this again to the register girl when we gave up waiting and complianing.

They still charged us for the those dished - be careful not to let them clear your plates! I suspect this could be a deliberate strategy.

29 Jul 2009

I love the sushi at Sushi express. I had been to Japan before so I was suprised at how delicious the sushi was. It was some of the best sushi I had ever tried and by far it is the best sushi in Cairns.

12 Aug 2006

We lives in Cairns for nine years before we come up here in Bamaga (Cape York Peninsula)the only foods that I miss is your foods! SUSHI.. so everytime we came down to Cairns with my daughter we always go there as much as we can and I don't stop eating your Yummy Sushi.

17 Jan 2006

We lived in Cairns for 3 years and went to Sushi Express and it was our first experience eating Sushi. We loved it so much that we went 2 to 3 times a week. We have left Cairns now and everytime we try to find something like Sushi Express, we get disappointed as the food just isn't the same.

Lee Campbell
22 Oct 2004

Wow, what a great place, easily one of the better spots for a quick bite. Always fresh, a huge selection both on the train or order from a vast menu. Traditional Sushi chefs gives this Sushi restaurant the edge over other places.Sushi Express is a must do.

21 Mar 2004

Consistently the best sushi "train" restaurant in Cairns. Always popular, can request anything that is not featured on the authentic train that chugs around the restaurant. Always a real treat to dine there and great for a quick lunch.

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