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Boardwalk Cafe

Overlooking the Marlin Marina, Boardwalk Cafe is a delightful spot to peruse the yachts, feel the cool breeze as it drifts across Trinity Bay, and enjoy fantastic coffee and sweets. It has a relaxing atmosphere, and arguably the best scenery of any coffee shop in Cairns - boats!





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(07) 4031 5496
1 Pierpoint Road, Cairns (Shop 1B Pier Marketplace)

What people are saying...

15 Jun 2013

Food was fantastic and service great. Fanastic prices also- we'll definitly be back :)

7 May 2013

hi the board walk cafe is mine my mums and my nans favirote place to eat whenever i find somethin g nearly as good me and my mmum say boardwalk cafe its the best boardwalk cafe the best bacon and eggs evr coming on sunday for mothers day

19 Sep 2012

The Boardwalk Cafe is definitely one of the best in town!
The Vanilla Thickshakes the best!

24 Nov 2007

Perfect Sunday afternoon lazy breakfast location with perfecly layered lattes and plenty of newspapers to get cozy with.

Marion Herrmann
20 Nov 2006

Hey Guys!!

I was in my Summer holidays in Cairns and I visit the Boardwalk Cafe. It was very wonderful.
I come with my family all day in my holidays. We all come from Germany and we never saw Cafe like yours.

I hope I can come next year back.

Bye Bye with the best wishes from Marion Germany

Beth Rowles
18 Mar 2006

Fantastic Service and beautiful food. It is a favourite within my workplace for us to go to lunch. Keep up the good work!

13 Jan 2006

Absolutely Amaizing! I recomend this place to anyone and everyone, who is looking for beautiful food in a relaxed environment! Go and check it out!

24 Oct 2003

Very nice your cafe:o) also as a place to work...
See ya 2torrow

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