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Tiny's Juice Bar

Juice! It's the yummiest and quickest way to keep healthy. Whether you're an adventurous drinker who likes all the plants of the rainforest pulped into your drink, or if you like the mainstay orange and pineapple, Tiny's Juice Bar is ideal for you.




Organic, Take Away

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(07) 40314331
45 Grafton Street, Cairns

What people are saying...

27 Jan 2010

I go to Tiny's Juice Bar regularly and love the fresh healthy salads. Unfortunately, the owner is moving north and selling, so I am appealing to all those healthy people to have a look and consider a lifestyle change - short week-days, great food and no weekends. The healthiest place in Cairns to eat!

9 May 2008

I first went to Tinys in 1996 when I moved to Cairns. It was so hip and alternative then. Now eating this way is much more the norm and the place looks modern and great. The food is still beautiful and the staff are always friendly.

20 Sep 2007

I'm actually a Cairns local. My aunt introduced me to Tiny's when we went there for lunch. She got a tofu pattie salad and satay wrap and I asked to taste it. I was absolutely blown away. I'd heard tofu was bland and dry but this pattie was sensational. I try to get to Tiny's for lunch whenever I can but I only get to have my tofu wrap every so often. But when I get it I get to spend a few moments in taste heaven.

selina baker
16 Aug 2007

Fantastic food, great juices and smoothies. The crew are fantastic and obviously like working together as one dynamic team......the only downside to Tinys is that it isnt open weekends (both food and drink here are the best healthy hangover cure to be had in Cairns)!!

4 Jun 2004

Shockingly good! wraps and salads will never taste the same again. Cute cook too.

30 Oct 2003

I had lunch at Tiny's today and I was very pleasantly surprised. I asked for a Mango and Pawpaw juice to remind me of my Bali holiday, the staff suggested some pineapple with it to make it more juicy and the result was splendid, I also had a feta and vege calzone and this carnivore was amazed how good vegetarian can be!

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