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Sushi Train

Rush in for a quick hit of Japanese food plucked from a moving conveyer belt, or relax and sit green tea while perusing the delicacies passing under your nose. Sushi Train is a treat for kids and adults alike.


Japanese, Asian, Seafood


Family Friendly, EFTPOS, Licensed, Buffet, Take Away

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(07) 40315444
Shop 144 Cairns Central, Cairns

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9 Nov 2009

My kids and I love Sushi train. We go there about once a week. My five year old is getting more adventurous with fillings- it's a great way to introduce kids to new foods! They do a decent miso soup too which I love. The only thing is that they don't always have all the menu items on the conveyor, which means that you have to order, which isn't as quick, so normally we just eat what comes past.

29 Jul 2009

Sushi Train is an enjoyable place to dine but after my travels in Japan this resturant isn't one of my favourites. The atmosphere is good but the food does not live up to the standards. I recommend this place for first timers but not sushi lovers like myself.

29 Jul 2009

I didn't mind the sushi but I have tried a lot of sushi through my travels in Japan and this wasn't really one of the good resturants. The atmosphere was good but the food didn't live up to the standards. I wouldn't recommed this for sushi lovers but it would still be enjoyable for first timers.

20 Sep 2007

their sushi is the best. i had someone buy some for me when they were in cairns, they had to drive it 4 hours back to townsville. Thats how good it is!

11 Oct 2006

Having eaten at several other similar sushi restaurants in Cairns during Oct 2006, I heartily recommend Sushi Train as the best of the lot - better, fresher, more varied and great location.

4 Jul 2006

BEST SUSHI EVER - always fresh and teh atmosphere is one of a kind - relax and watch teh chef's prepare your favourite dish for you!! have to go there at least once a week for a good fix of Sushi!!

dana cheetham
24 Mar 2006

hi this year we went to your sushi train in Cairns and it was great but we are sad because we loved it so much that we want one to be started up in Townsville Queensland

11 Apr 2003

Train keeps rolling along
Reviewed on: 2003-04-10
Reviewer's rating: N/A

Lately I

21 Mar 2003

The fun train
Reviewed on: 2003-03-21
Reviewer's rating: 3

<img src="images/sushitrain_01.jpg" align="right" border="1" height="200" width="250" hspace="5" vspace="3"> Japanese food has become very popular in western countries in the last few years. It may be due to the health appeal, it may be the thrill of eating something foreign and strange, or it may be the excitement of picking your food from a moving conveyer belt.

I think it's the latter. While I can't be sure the conveyer belt is an ancient Japanese tradition, it is a full part of the Japanese dining experience at Sushi Train, upstairs at Cairns Central.

It's pretty basic really. All the tables and benches are located next to the moving procession of food. You pick the plates you want, and eat the contents. If you want more, you take more. You pick only the food that looks good to you. At the end of your meal the waiter adds up the plates that once contained small delicacies and you pay the bill. Then you return to your day.

<img src="images/sushitrain_02.jpg" align="left" border="1" height="200" width="250" hspace="5" vspace="3">If this sounds fun to you, then just think of how fun it is for kids! There is sometimes more fun in removing the plates from the procession than in the eating. Add to this the excitement of hearing the chefs yelling for more ingredients as they hurriedly chop fish fillets into small sushi-style morsels, and you have yourself a winning formula. The service at Sushi Train is quick and friendly - just how it should be.

As for the sushi, it is always fresh and made by the Japanese chefs right before your eyes. The endless procession of sushi means the food is not of gourmet standard, but hey, this is conveyor belt sushi. A pricing guide is hung on the wall so you can see exactly how deep you're eating into your wallet. For the average diner, you can expect to get away with a $10 - $15 lunch, depending on your appetite.

Sushi Train is a great restaurant for a hit of Japanese food. You can race in for lunch and be out of there very quickly if you're in a rush. The food is very good for the cheap prices, and is a very safe option for lunch. If you have kids and some spare time (ha, what a contradiction), take them along so they can have fun.

- Diner Diller

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