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Rattle and Hum

Very funky dining on the Cairns Esplanade. A great place to grab lunch, a beer, and have a great time with friends or family.


Bistro, American


A la carte, Licensed, Pizzeria

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(07) 40313011
67 Esplanade, Cairns

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Oliver Wright
9 Dec 2010

Not one for the sophisticated diner - if you're young and in a group you'll love it (our kids did). Pizza's nice, rest all a bit ordinary and not particularily good value.

22 Dec 2009

My boyfriend and I went there thinking we would get a really nice burger and chips because it was a grill/bar. It was terrible and expensive! My burger pattie was as good as a homebrand one, and the bun was fridge cold! The chips tasted and looked like they had been reheated and we waited ages for our meals. The place had no atmosphere and the waitresses looked very cheap, I felt sorry for them. It was very disappointing, we later walked past so many nicer places that were also cheaper.

17 Dec 2009

I've been there a few times, and found it to be ok, it's like the hogs breath, food is slapped together as fast as possible, which is good if that's all you want

To drink i ordered a cocktail, when my bf brought it to the table i discovered that the huge strawberry that they had attempted to garnish the glass with had been dropped into the bottom of the glass instead, so i got bits of green strawberry leaf all through my drink. It probably would have taken them all of 30 seconds to pour it back into the blender, fish the strawberry out and pour the drink again.

I ordered chicken schnitzel with chips instead of mash (they appear to use powdered mash). I got my schnitzel burnt with mash. My friend ordered a chicken pizza that comes with mango relish on top (he hates mango and ordered it without the relish). When he got the pizza it had double the mango relish on it.

Hate to say it, but this one time has soured our experience and we won't be going back.

9 Nov 2009

We ate here on one of our three nights in cairns. My parnter and I had a pizza each which was quite nice. The only issue i had was the topping kept slipping of the base. The $8 jugs of beer were also great. The prices were reasonable.

22 Jul 2008

Great place to eat--we just happened on it, before it got too busy...We don't eat meat and had no problems finding plentiful, delicous dinner there! Had a great smoked salmon pizza, which actually lasted through lunch another day! Great service, delightful kind of outdoor table, officially inside, but walls were open! Trendy, friendly and affordable!

One more thing--for the guys--you MUST go to the bathroom! I can't explain it, but it is a MUST SEE! One of the funkiest and most innovative mens rooms I have ever seen!

11 Jul 2006

We will be visiting Cairns for the sixth time in August from Adelaide and always go to Rattle and Hum at least three times on our visits.
The prices are very reasonable and the serves are big and of course delicious.
The fact that the waitresses are models does not do any harm either!!

28 Apr 2006

I've been there twice in august 2005. The reasen for our second visit was the first visit. Great meals and deserts. Great atmosphere. perfect, the place to eat.

2 Jan 2006

26 Dec 05 Dinner 2000hrs.

The rattle and hum is still one of trendest restaurant / bars in cairns. It is always busy and has great music and pleasant atmosphere.
However due to the busy nature of the restaurant the service falls down.You must order at the counter and pick your meal up. Usually this provides no problem. But unfortunately this evening there were not enough staff members.So there was no table service for drinks which is normal. The very busy kitchen staff also produced two out of three meals wrong. Givivng us steaks instead of ribs.

Once the manager was informed he organised a very prompt replacement of the ordered ribs. With an apology for the mistake.

The ribs themselves are of an excellent standard both in taste and value.So although there were some minor service problems on a busy public holiday the meal was great and I will give them another go!

16 Sep 2005

sorry for my bad english but i just want to say i spent a very good time , every nights with my friends.The waitress are very cool, thank you karen for you smiles, and for the food: good pizza.the music and billards are very cool. i hope i will go back in this pub.

Jo & Paul Messam
4 Jan 2005

We visited the Rattle & Hum one Saturday evening in early December 2004. The menu was extensive and when the ordered food arrived it was excellent value for money and the portions were huge. We can honestly say that we probably ate our best meal in Australia in the Rattle & Hum. We would recommend the place to any other visitors to Cairns. Not only was food great but the whole place had a brilliant atmosphere.

31 Jan 2004

please could you let me know if John and Tracey still own the resturant and if Erin Oxford still drinks around Cairns?

21 Mar 2003

The coolest restaurant competition
Reviewed on: 2003-03-21
Reviewer's rating: 3

There is an underground battle raging between members of a restaurant subculture that, unlike most battles, is providing benefits for everyone. The skirmish is between pub/bar style restaurants in Cairns, and which is the coolest. Which restaurant is going to win the support of the beautiful cool people?

To the best of my knowledge, the main contenders in the coolness competition are Cock n Bull, Hog's Breath, The Woolshed and Rattle and Hum. I'm not qualified to make a decision on the coolness factor of any restaurant, but I can tell you about my experience at Rattle and Hum so you can make your own judgement.

If food has anything to do with coolness, then Rattle and Hum must be doing very well. Patrons, or should I call them trendsetters, order their meals and drinks at the front counter from a staff member, or part-time model. The meals are typical of this style of restaurant - big and yummy. You can have virtually any meal with a ton of chips or a paddock of salad. The prices hover around $12 for a standard meal and the value for money is very good. Rattle and Hum are able to keep their prices within reach of backpackers by having diners order and receive their meals at the counter. There is also a wood-fired pizza oven where the specialty pizzas are baked.

The atmosphere in Rattle and Hum is laid back and friendly, designed for young people. The entire restaurant, from the walls to the chairs, is made from wood and is quite dark inside. While this sounds a little claustrophobic, it has a cosy feeling like an old house spruced up and made modern again. This is a central theme to many of the cool pub/bar style restaurants, and Rattle and Hum achieves this very well.

While I was eating at this restaurant, I knew it was funky. But I didn't realise the extent of funkiness until I visited the loo. For the men out there who have performance anxiety, the trough may be daunting. The one-way mirror makes you feel like the world is watching you, full frontal, while you perform sacred acts. It's weird. And very cool. Man.

Rattle and Hum is fun. If you're looking for something to do during the weekend or if you want a place to chill out with friends, you'll have a great time and enjoy a hefty meal. I don't know if this is the coolest restaurant in Cairns, but it must come close. Pull on your baggy pants and tiny t-shirt, and get down to the esplanade for a feed.

- Diner Diller

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