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Barnacle Bills

Fantastic location and quality seafood has made this locally owned restaurant very popular. Foreign language menus are available in Japanese, German, French, and Italian.




Al fresco, A la carte, Licensed

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Lunch: From 11:30am Dinner: From 5:00pm




(07) 4051 2241
103 The Esplanade, Cairns

What people are saying...

8 Nov 2012

I love dining at Barnacle Bills. It is my favourite restaurant in Cairns. The service is always fantastic. The meals are delicious - especially the seafood mornay!!!!

Best restaurant in Cairns
3 Nov 2012

This restaurants is one of the top restaurants in Cairns.. I was shocked to see some negative reviews but I suppose people who make reviews are often negative people. This restaurant is one of my top 5 in Australia.
I Iive in Cairns, but used to live in Sydney and the Gold Coast and an well travelled so know when food and service is quality. If you want meals piled up on you plate i would go to hogs breath.. Not the same calibre of dining somehow!
Barnacle Bills Service is impeccable as well as meals consistent, fresh and delicious.

Renee .

29 Feb 2012

We went for dinner last night with a large group. Despite the size of our group the food came really quickly and every meal was delicious and amazingly well presented! I cannot get over how good the service was! Absolutely everything about our experience last night was exeptional and we will definitely be going back soon!

I highly recommend Barnacle Bills!

Mel & Bill
7 Sep 2011

Very impressed - a special saving of 30% on food and DRINKS if you are seated and have ordered by 6pm. We arrived at 5:55pm and still received this offer. Food was delicious and service was excellent.

Michelle & Russell
30 Dec 2010

Really dissappointed.....Small serves and really boring food. The mussells were nothing to rave about and the baramundi was pretty tasteless. We ate then left a got a real lunch. Also expensive for not much of a lunch!

1 Jul 2010

I went to Barnacle Bills with some friends about a month ago, and for the price we paid the food really was quite expensive. The waiters were friendly and eager, maybe a little bit too friendly and hovered around as we ate, interupting the meal to see if we needed or wanted anything. For a seafood resteraunt I wasnt impressed with the choice. The calamari was tough and my seafood platter was very sparse. In short I paid too much for not a lot.

Jenny Puxty
15 Jun 2010

My partner and I have often dined at Barnacle Bills Restaurant. The staff are very pleasant and can’t do enough for us, without hovering over us and making us feel crowded.

The owner and his family are at the restaurant every day, every lunch and dinner time. They treat every customer the same, whether they’re dressed in thongs, shorts and t-shirt, or they’re dressed in sparkly, blingy clothes flashing the gold jewellery. This is what makes this restaurant so great to dine at.

The food is great, the service cannot be faulted and the profiteroles are simply perfect. If you order before 6pm, you even receive a substantial discount. I even love their Oysters Kilpatrick which are sourced from the finest oyster farms in Sydney and I don’t even like oysters.

I’m a local and whenever I get the opportunity to dine at Barnacles, I’m a very happy girl.

indrawati setiawan
5 May 2010

I and my daughter were in Cairns in 1995 for holiday.We ate 2 times at Barnacle bills and I always remember the
excellent dinner which we had.Now we plan to have a holiday at this coming Christmas 2010 with my husband,my daughter and her husband and my son.And of course we plan to have dinner at Barnacle Bills.

8 Sep 2009

Me and my parter went to this restaurant for lunch the other day. We were the first to order since the lunch time started on the day. However we waited for 45mins! Just for a steak and fish'n chips! And there was only 3 sets of customers!

Anyway, we finally got our meal and guest what?? Steak was very cold.... such a dissapointment! Not even they over-charge for USUAL MEAL but also bad cooking skill. I never ganna dine there again!

12 Sep 2008

This place is amazing. Generally I avoid Esplanade dining as the prices are higher than other parts of Cairns, but I had to try it once I saw they had Seafood Mornay.

I wasn't disappointed. It was delicious and the service was remarkable. The entire evening was very enjoyable. I've been back about 2-3 times since, for special occasions with family and others I've introduced. The prices are on the high end, but it's definitely worth it for the food and service.

25 Mar 2008

Whilst visiting Cairns on a family holiday we went to Barnacle Bills on good Friday for our daughters 18th birthday - FANTASTIC food and service. They made the night truly memorable for her/us and I would go there again in a flash.

Peter Crane
13 Sep 2007

I went to Barnacle Bills whilst on my Honeymoon. The food was fantastic and as a Sea Food lover found every mouthful was superb. The only downside was after you've eaten they seem to rush you out. But in general you can't fault this super restaurant and I will be going again.

Rick Brittain
31 Jul 2007

We're locals, and there is no better recommendation for an eatery than to have locals revisit time and time again. That's exactly what we do, as there is no better menu and service in Cairns for my money than Barnacle Bills. Whenever we have friends visiting, or just want to go out for a great feed ourselves, we know it's the one place that always meets the standard. Staff are well versed in customer service, food is always of an exceptional quality, and ready the moment you are. Having lived all over OZ previously, and having been to many overseas establishments, I can't say I've experienced the same level of hospitality anywhere else.

For our money, it's our favorite restaurant in Cairns, bar none, and we cannot recommend it highly enough...and as a bonus it's in our town. Top marks.

Rick Brittain

Sue Marinelli
7 Jan 2007

I was in Cairns on a vacation trip with a tour group of about 30 people, and we went to Barnacle Bill's one night. It was the best! Really great seafood, and this is coming from someone who lives on the East Coast of the U.S., where we have some really great seafood ourselves! Really a highlight of our trip to Cairns. We had great food, and really great service considering the size of our group. It was a really memorable night. I hope to go back there someday. Highly recommended!

2 Jan 2007

Recently visted Cairns as my son has relocated and he couldn't wait to to take us to has favourite restaurant. It was just amazing, food decadent, great atmosphere, staff exceptional and "Tony, The Proprieter" is the most awesome guy, we had a such a really great night.
Will never order barramundi in NSW again, the Barra up there IS TO DIE FOR!! Ordered the barra with avocado and hollandaise sauce, just heavenly..... What more can I say, except thanks for a such a wonderful evening, we can't wait to return. Definitely recommend Barnacle Bills to everyone wishing for a beautiful meal whilst in Cairns.
Carmel, Graham and Ali from Cessnock, Hunter Valley, NSW

26 Jul 2006

Barnacle Bills is a great restaurant in great surrounds..

Catherine Taylor
26 Jun 2006

I chose Barnacle Bills in Cairns to celebrate my mothers suprise 50th birthday on Thursday evening 22/6/06. I could not have wished for a better venue. Being seafood lovers we found the food to be amazing, so fresh and tasty, and reasonably priced, and the staff made us feel so welcome and paid us particular attention all night, making sure the evening was a success. A huge thank you to the staff, we had an unforgettable evening.

19 Jan 2006

About a fortnight ago i came acrooss the big barneys sign! From that point my memory of this great seafood platter feast i had with my family eight years before this moment.... i knew that barneys restaurant was there for an award of all the hard work i did in my year 12 studies. Next thing ya know me and my mates were inside our version of the white castle ordering the best seafood on the planet! Of course we ordered a seafood platter just incase you were curious. At the end of the day we were full to the brink and walked out of Barnicle Bills waving to the stuff with a smile on our faces that would make a grown man cry.
I recommend BARNEYS to not just seafood lovers, but all of the general public itself!


L Rosenthal
14 Sep 2005

We went to Barnacle Bills on the recommendation of a local taxi driver, several years ago. He didn't steer us wrong. The only flaw the place has is that it ought to be three times bigger so that all the folks who want to enjoy it don't have to wait so long to get inside! The seafood was some of the best I've had in my entire life.

31 Jan 2005

I ate in Barnacle Bills in June 2004 and the food was just fabulous. It is an amazing restaurant with wonderful staff and even better food. Id strongly recommend it to anyone visiting Cairns, it is one attraction not to be missed.

Carole Johnson
9 Jun 2004

I was in Cairns 3 years ago and ate at Barnacle Bill's on 3 different nights. That's when I found out that "Buggs" were rock lobster. The food was beyond excellent.
I'm going back to Cairns this September, and of course I'm going to eat at Barnacle Bill's. I'm looking forward to eating there.
I can't say enough good things about this very fine restaurant.
If you go to Cairns stop in and you'll be as impressed as I was.
Have a great trip!!

Jenny Johnson
6 Dec 2003

14 years ago my husband, daughter and I had a holiday in Cainrns. We had dinner at Barnacle Bills and have always remembered the name and the great food we had. We are delighted to be going back to Cairns next week and are thrilled to find you are still there. My daughter was 2 yrs old last visit. Can't wait to eat at Barnacle bill's next week!

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