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One of Cairns' favourite restaurants, Charlies has a seafood and hot food buffet that offers tremendous value for money. Look for the discount vouchers in the Cairns Post each day.


Chinese, Seafood


Al fresco, Licensed, Buffet

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(07) 40515011
223-227 The Esplanade, Cairns (Acacia Court Hotel)

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12 Dec 2014

First went there in 1990 and was amazed at the huge variety and abundance of food.

My husband and friends - both local continental and overseas - are fans and it has never failed to disappoint, except once when it was closed as s mark of respect at Charlie's death.

Everybody should visit it: I would not dream of going to Cairns and not doing so.

David Harland
9 Dec 2012

Been living in Cairns now for 5 years so I finally decided to go and check out Charleys. Think it cost about $22.50 for all you can eat which I was pretty impressed with! I started with a massive plate of prawns and mussels which were frozen and tasteless and need salt and seafood sauce to make it kind of enjoyable. The mussels didn't even have any colour about them. I then had some fish which was also very ordinary!! I then moved onto other sections of the menu like Chinese noodles,spring rolls,chicken,calamari etc . This was an improvement on the seafood but still very average and we'll below what I personally consider to be a good feed! In despiration I tried some pumpkin and broccoli soup which was also very bland and required lots of salt to make it average of but it didn't hide the flour like taste! I then washed my entire misable meal down with a $6 vodka and orange which was very nice:-D All in all I won't be going back not even for the cheap price tag. Non Australians who are used to frozen seafood may enjoy it more but for the average spoilt Australian like myself who has lived next to the ocean since birth will not enjoy Charleys!! The Sebel is more expensive than but a far superior feed and they also have oysters which I was upset to not see at Charleys:-(

17 Feb 2012

The seafood buffett was so good we went back the next night as well

18 Sep 2011

We love their food particularly their range of desserts .... our friends were happy with the experience. However, since it was a busy night, the waiters took a while in serving us the coke we ordered. But all in all, a good place to dine.

30 Aug 2011

Great meal what value for money.Prawns fish mussells salads soups sweets and lots more.Would go back again I think the back comments must have this resturant mixed up with another one. GREAT MEAL GO AND ENJOY.

8 Aug 2011

We have relatives in Cairns and love going to Charlie's while we are up there. The food, service and staff have always been excellent. We are going back this month an will be going again to this great seafood restaurant.

16 May 2011

The waiters are very snobby and look miserable, the food is okay but you can kinda tell that its been frozen and re-heated. i'd probably only go there whenever i'm on a budget. thinking of having my 21st pre drinks/dinner there, because its cheap :P

1 Mar 2011

mmm what can i say...:) for starters i love my seafood and im a regular customer of the restaurant. me and my partner dine in every once a month... the atmosphere is very lovely and the setting out of the restaurant. cheers xo

25 Feb 2010

We should have listened to the 1st review, it was absolute rubbish we could of scraped together a better meal out of the local garbage bins. As the driver on the way home said " I should hit you over the head for going there".
Do your self a favour DONT DO IT.

Rex Travers
7 Jul 2009

After visiting Cairns on a regular basis over the years this was the first time I was able to obtain a booking.
What a dissapointment poor range of seafood and nothing else at the smorgasborg you could not get at a cheap Chinese Restaurant for $9.95
Not allowed to run up a bar tab COD everytime very unprofessional
As the cad driver said on collecting us from this over rated venue once only seems enough for any customerhe has colleted and himself as well

John Bishop
4 Jun 2009

I would never vist Cairns without including one (or more!) visits to the legendary Charlies. If you love seafood then you will love Charlies :P

Les Spencer
1 Feb 2009

We go to cairns quiet often and never seemed to get the time to go to charlies but last time we were in cairns just before christmas we got to go and we were very surprised and pleased we made the time to go every thing was first class and we will be making time to go on our next visit to cairns
Helen & Les

Tony Lincoln
9 Nov 2007

My wife and I first visited Charlies about 7 years ago. The food and service was absolutely fantastic and we would love to go again someday. I recommended Charlies to some friends who were in Cairns 2 years ago and they were equally impressed.
Tony Lincoln
Kent, (UK)

Sean Bielski
18 Jan 2007

I met my wife overseas and decided to take our honeymoon in cairns about seven years ago. on our first night there we we busy trying to decide where to go for dinner, this would be an important choice, as this desicion can make or break the mood of a holiday. we were staying at a hotel whose staff reccommended charlies seafood. my wife, being a fussy eater, and myself a restaurant owner were reluctant to go as most all you can eat restaurants are not places you visit unless times are tough!. we bit the bullet and arrived there to be surprised with the quality and choice that has made charlies a household name. the food was not only plentyfull but of any standard a top restaurant would be proud of. without the heafty price tag. we ate here everynight for a week and i still tell everyone about how good the place was. i am visiting this year with my kids, so please reserve a table for the bielski's from the 29th of april to the 6th of may, see you soon, keep up the good work

Peter Handley
27 Jul 2006

I first visited Charlies in 1993, when I visited Cairns with an Australian uncle of mine as part of my 'round the world trip. Next visit 2000, accompanied by my wife, who I'd bored rigid talking about the place. Next visit, this December (all being well) as we kick off yet another holiday in Aussie. I travel 11,000 miles to dine at Charlies - the best recommendation of all, I reckon. Great food, great people, great location, great memories.

23 Apr 2006

We visited Cairns a couple of years ago and got introduced to Charlies. I myself, am not a seafood lover, but my partner is. He and my kids feel in love with the place. So much so that I recently flew him from Brisbane to Cairns just to have dinner there (no, we are not rich, I saved a very long time for it!!). Food excellent, Atmosphere fabulous, waitpersons obliging and polite, price......unbeatable. Highly reccomend.

Axel Behrndt
29 Jan 2006

By far the best value for money seafood restaurant ı have seen any where ın my travels. Invıted famıely from ınterstate and ate lıke gods.Hıghly reconmend ıt.

Chris Lenz
16 Nov 2005

Best ever value for money. We've been going to Charlie's for 15 years now - ever since we first fell in love with Cairns. Courteous and friendly service from all staff in a relaxed, tranquil setting, especially when dining by the pool - a great place to relax and unwind.

John Ugrenovic
3 Feb 2005

I am a very big fan of Cairns, and fell in love with the place on very first visit to Cairns.
One of the highlights of my experience in Cairns was the dining @ Charlies. Very well prepared food, excellent staff and fresh scrumptious seafood, prepared to a quality I have never experienced before.
I look forward to my next trip to cairns.

Paul Andrews
5 Aug 2004

Wow, put it this way, I stuffed my self. Food was great, ver good value, I suppose in england we seldom see such variety at such a price, a treat to dine there and a great way to remember Cairns.


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