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Hog's Breath Cafe Cairns

With fantastic steaks slowly cooked to perfection, and curly pig-tail fries that make my mouth water just thinking of them, Hog's Breath Cafe is a top spot for a lunch or dinner with friends. Grab a beer from the bar and tuck into a hefty meal fit for a king.




EFTPOS, A la carte, Licensed

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(07) 40317711
64 Spence Street, Cairns

What people are saying...

Maria Reynolds
12 Apr 2012

We go to hogs at cairns regularly, the staff and managment are awsome, the food is great. Will be going there for our anniversary on Saturday. Well done guys keep up the good work.

17 Dec 2009

it used to be first rate, now it's just 'meh'

we used to go there all the time, but now use it as a last resort if you want something a little better than mcdonalds.

I agree with the other reviews, the staff are usually rude, and uncaring until it comes time for you to pay (i guess they put in an attempt of friendliness in the hope for a tip that's never going to come).

Also, the fries and veggies have always been underdone the last couple of times we've been there.

8 Aug 2009

Just had dinner at Hog's Breath Cairns . My other half found a grub in her salad , they replaced the meal ( would you eat salad straight after that ) and said that we should be happy because they gave her 50 % off her meal .

Staff average , wait for drinks , food average nothing to rave about .

Haven't been there for about 2 years and after tonight it will another 2 years before i go again , maybe by then they may have got their act together .


11 Jul 2009

apart from the fact that hogs breath has an awesome atmosphere.. they need to chose their staff more carefully as most of them dont care if there customers are enjoying their meals or not. when something is wrong with a meal.. half the time they dont even say sorry, and they take it off u like its a real hassel.
NOTE: to the managers...

don't just hire any old person that hands in a resume!

NOTE: to the owners...

maybe chose your managers a little more carefully
or do the hiring yourself
this will give customers a better experience

1 Jun 2009

Went to hogsbreath for dinner. Ordered mushroom/buttered steak - well done. Wasn't bad, but wasn't great either. One thing though, the steak was cooked to the point where it was so hard that it actually cut my mouth. Will not be going back

3 Feb 2009

My husband and i ordered regular medium steaks and fries, the meal took forever and was cold when it arrived, the staff were not pleasant when i voiced my dissaproval. will not be going back

18 Jul 2006

Hogs breath steaks are CHEAP if you live anywhere other than Aus. You would be paying at least twice that much for a lump of old leather in Europe attempting to pass itself off as a steak.
It may not be sophisticated, the fries and Vegs may be a little over or underdone at times - but you gotta love the steaks.

5 Aug 2005

Went to Hog's Breath the other day for lunch with the workmates. Was ok but not inspiring, especially for the prices being charged. The burger I had was adequate. I am sure Hog's Breath used to be a lot better, though still pricey. And cooler. Oh well. Beers were still good enough value!

29 Jul 2003

Hog in need of a workout
Reviewed on: 2003-07-21
Reviewer's rating: 1

It was Saturday at 1PM, and my posse of cool friends and I wanted a feed. We reckoned that Hog's Breath was the place to be, so we piled into my mate's Jeep and sped towards our rad destination. But to our horror, Hog's Breath was closed! Closed for lunch on a Saturday. WTF?

We were so disappointed our favourite way-out steakhouse was closed that we tried to harm ourselves by stuffing Big Macs down our throats. Fortunately, we are still here to tell this story of love, satisfaction, sex and life lessons.

I was determined to get back to Hog's Breath for dinner that week. I have always been a big fan of this restaurant - the way it makes fun of itself, the ultra laid-back atmosphere that emphasises fun and youthfulness. (This is the love part of the story.) If ever the conversation lags during a meal, a glance around the walls and ceiling can keep you consumed and interested. The number of car registration-plates from all corners of the globe hanging on the walls is astonishing. This restaurant is fully licensed and there is a bar area if you feel like a drink without a meal.

Hog's Breath provides consistently huge bistro meals, and steaks are their specialty. Apparently the steaks are cooked over a very low heat for up to 20 hours so they arrive at the table juicy and succulent. Just thinking about their steaks makes my mouth water. This bistro has specialty Hog Tail® fries that come with most meals, and I regard them as the crispiest and most delectable fries available anywhere.

So naturally, I was expecting a huge meal and a fantastic time. And as it turned out, Hog's Breath delivered on most counts but failed in a few areas. (Now we're into the satisfaction part.)

I ordered a medium-rare blackened steak for the wallet-gouging price of $21.95. If I overlooked the steak cooked well-done, the meal was a success.

My friend ordered the same meal as me but received a vastly different looking steak, complete with a palm-sized chunk of cow fat. Unperturbed, he sent the steak back to the kitchen with the hope of receiving his correct order and a little less fat. But unfortunately his new offer was the same piece of meat with blackened seasoning dumped on top.

I am sad to have to report this experience didn't live up to my expectations and left me feeling strangely unfulfilled. (Yep, this is the sex part.) I've never experienced a meal at Hog's Breath that wasn't great, so I will be going back soon to give it another try. It's very unfortunate that on the one occasion I was at Hog's Breath to review the food, their standards slipped. Ah, it happens.

When it comes down to the verdict, I maintain that Hog's Breath is a fun and trendy place to eat. It's a terrific bisto to take a group of friends and you can laugh and act like idiots without having to worry about the people at the next table - because they're doing it too. (Life lessons are now being given.) Their steaks are normally fabulous, the fries are yummy, the beer is delicious and the atmosphere is fun.

- Diner Diller

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