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Limmy The Flavour Of Malaysia

Authentic and very high quality Malaysian food, prepared by Malaysian chefs.




EFTPOS, A la carte, Licensed, Buffet, Take Away

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(07) 40417939
80 Sheridan Street, Cairns

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13 Dec 2012

I love Limmy's!
Its always great food!
Always get great service!
Cant wait to go back!

Love it!!!

27 Mar 2012

I went to Limmy and tried their duck rolls. they are served simply with some hoi sin sauce and will melt your tastebuds.
it is now a regular lunch dish for me and one of a kind.

Jane Eklund
24 Nov 2011

Went to Limmy's with the Family last night, a wednesday evening, got great food, attentive staff and prompt service.
It's not fine dining, but rather a family run place for good Malaysian food, with a good inexpensive wine and beverage list, that has something for all tastes i would recommend it for anyone looking for good food in a casual environment.

Robert Kollar
10 Jan 2011

I went to Limmy's tonight with my girlfriend. the experience in just a few words:
table was dirty and sticky, there were ants on the table and on the wall, the ants went into our drinking glasses also...,service was extremely slow, we had to wait for the food more than half an hour and the place was not even busy, the food was very very oily and not much flavour, overall the place turned out to be a horrible experience. And the price we payed for it was not cheap at all. Would not recommend it to anyone, if you want to eat this kind of food and quality just go to the night market or some food-court because its the same if not better and cheaper.

27 Dec 2009

My family and I stumbled on Limmy after a busy night at Festival Cairns - We now go there quite often, it is my 5 yr olds favourite place to eat (and our 18 month old has a good go too).

The food is full of flavour and the staff are very friendly... This is a must when we are hungry and want good food fast and at a very good price.

Never again
27 Sep 2009

Disappointing. Sambal chicken was a stir fry
asked for chilli sauce and got soy and the girl argued with us saying this was chinese chili sauce.

KOREANS cooking Malaysian that night.

6 Jun 2007

My partner and I found Limmy's by accident while we were in Cairns. My partner is a big fan of Malaysian food and said this was the closest that he had gotten to Malaysian food since he had been to Malaysia.The food was great and inexpensive, friendly staff and while not big on decore. The meals and costs make up for it :) Limmy and Staff love your work and your food. We will back to dine again when we drive from Townsville.

big s kid
4 Mar 2006

went here for lunch yesterday.
food was great, really fresh and tasty, it didnt cost too much and the staff were really friendly too !

6 Jun 2003

Anguish solved by the Limmy
Reviewed on: 2003-06-02
Reviewer's rating: N/A

For the second time in as many weeks, last Sunday afternoon I found myself in Cairns city at dusk with a profound urge to eat at a restaurant. As before, my mind wandered aimlessly between the multitudes of cuisine types in bewilderment, yet simultaneously ached with obsession over this choice of monumental importance. My face was clenched in turmoil like a man desperately fighting for love in a battle that would shape the rest of his life.

<img src="images/limmy1.jpg" align="right" border="1" height="200" width="250" hspace="5" vspace="3"> I cannot explain why I felt this pressure. Sometimes choosing a restaurant for your family can take on far too much significance, and that is when CairnsDining.com is handy. But alas, I wasn't carrying my portable restaurant-honing device with me at the time. My final decision was to eat at Limmy The Flavour of Malaysia, a licensed restaurant located in the "dining precinct" of Cairns. I had ordered take-away lunch from here before and the food had been exceptional then, so surely it would meet my overwhelming demands for the evening.

I was greeted at the front door of Limmy by half a dozen creatures with their arms tied together, looking very melancholy and defeated. The mudcrabs and their neighbourly lobsters in the next tank empathised with my condition and lifted my spirits. I whispered to a little crab being crushed under the weight of a large bully crab that I wouldn't eat him.

But I couldn't say the same for the Nasi Goreng. This is an exceptional dish made of rice fried with sliced onions, shredded chicken, fresh prawns, eggs, and garnished with slices of spring onions. It has a hint of satay flavour that lingered well after Id finished the dish. Following this was a traditional Malaysian fish-fillet curry. An entire slice of fish was curried whole, accompanied by lightly cooked vegetables. These choices were giving me confidence that I had indeed chosen a good restaurant for the evening.

Following the main meals, I dug into roti bread - unleavened griddle bread similar to pita bread and bursting with light flavours. I highly recommend this bread, and be prepared to order a second serving if you have kids.

Limmy, like many of the best restaurants in Cairns, is not a glamorous wonder world where you feel like Malaysian royalty. Rather, it is a family run restaurant that focuses chiefly on the food, not the d&eacute;cor. The service is friendly and efficient, and the open kitchen is a great source of amusement. Chefs cooking in a busy restaurant are always fascinating to watch. Mid-way through my meal I noticed my frayed nerve endings had healed and I was content with the world again. A restaurant like Limmy has that affect on you. Just sit down and wait to be satisfied.

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