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The Taj Indian Restaurant

Taj is the oldest authentic Indian Restaurant in Tropical North Queensland. Vegetarians are amply catered for, and dishes are created ranging from mild spice to extremely hot. Be prepared!


Indian, Vegetarian


A la carte, Licensed, BYO, Take Away

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(07) 40512228
61 Spence Street, Cairns

What people are saying...

Oliver Wright
9 Dec 2010

Coming from the curry capital of England, the Taj was a welcome find, we had a delightful, good value, authentic curry here, and could not complain about anything. We will be back.

Jo-Ann Raleigh
28 Feb 2010

Hello fellow Indian cuisine diners, I have been away for 8yrs and the first place I thought of when wanting a delicious curry was The Taj. I wasn't sure if it would still be there and to my delight nothing had changed and the meals were just as reasonable in price and flavoursome as I was hoping for. This just shows how great it is to still have the wonderful little places that seem to be tucked away because of all the large highly commercialised restaurants around them, still holding their own due to simplicity with warm and friendly service.

My experience of the The Taj recently was delightful and so apt for the experience I wanted to share with my 2 young children who both thoroughly enjoyed their time talking and laughing with the staff. The experience was even more so intimate as they were few people also dining but not so close where you were bumping into each others chairs when moving to or from your table. Yes the furnishings are nothing to rave about, this is certainly nothing to be concerned about as the food rightly out does any plain or ordinary thoughts someone may have of The Taj.

Go and experience this lovely place you will be more than surprised at the exotic quality their food exerts to the unexpected guest. I rate this place highly as most locals or our transient travellers need to know about these affordable and adorable long term restauranters that give Cairns it's local ambience and relaxed style.

I'm not Indonesian or Asian and certainly experienced the cultural cuisine The Taj has been reknowned for over 20yrs. As a local all my life I can speak highly of this place and hope it continues to provide the welcoming service it has for another 20yrs. Oh and don't forget it's BYO also so make the most of this great experience and take your family or a bunch of friends to enjoy a night without all the glitz and glam of most places these days where unfortunately the food comes second to the visual surroundings.

I'm a regular now that actually travels from the Northern Beaches to Cairns city to satisfy my cravings for Indian cuisine so if that's any indication to how good they are I hope you're getting the message and bump into you there one day...Cheers to the owners and staff you're doing a fantastic service to Cairns.

12 May 2009

the Chicken Saag/which is chicken with spinach is so yummy! it looks really green, but the taste takes away that as an issue...the atmosphere is family and welcoming, very traditional..service is impeccable and done with a warm smile, which makes it always welcoming. Had my parents wedding anniversaries there a few times. Prices a little steep, but the taste and attitude makes up for that.

1 May 2006

By far the most delicious Indian cuisine I have ever tasted! They keep me coming back for more! The service is warm and welcoming and the food is phenomenal. Much to my surprise the cost for such an authentic experience is minimal.
I highly recommend The Taj to anyone (both local or visiting Cairns).

8 Sep 2003

Classic Indian
Reviewed on: 2003-08-23
Reviewer's rating: 2

How is a restaurant's success measured?

<b>By the number of bums in seats?</b> Perhaps not. There have been many restaurants that have been filled to the gunwales and yet have failed to stay afloat.

<b>By the quality of food, service and atmosphere?</b> Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Marvels of the dining scene have sunk without a trace on many occasions.

<b>By glowing restaurant reviews?</b> Hardly.

<b>Or perhaps by the length of its existence?</b> Surely, a restaurant that is open for 10 years must be more successful than one that closes its kitchen after 5 years.

If staying power is an indication of a winner, The Taj Indian Restaurant on Spence Street is one of Cairns' most triumphant restaurants - by a long shot. Open since 1986, this is the original and longest-running Indian restaurant in Far North Queensland. So the question is: how has it remained viable for so long, watching as its competitors come and go like the tides?

There is one simple reason: it caters to everyday folk, like all of us. There are no pretentious assertions that eating at this restaurant will make you look like Nicole Kidman or Russell Crowe (thankfully), nor will diners experience tastes that elevate them to heights of sensual madness. The Taj won't even combine flavours from 7 different continents and bill you as though you've travelled to them all.

Instead, the family run Indian restaurant has basic d

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