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Willie Mc Brides Restaurant & Bar





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(07) 40410000
Cnr Sheridan St & Thomas St, Cairns

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Nigel Byrne
9 Sep 2009

What a great pub just like the pubs back home in ireland. i was there 2004 and with my friends from the local irish music group i got willie mcbrides to take on the band on a regular occasion.mick o meara was the leader and we had some mighty sessions i will never forget it.

12 Jun 2009

What a great little place this is! Located in a place called Figtree Lodge, we went there for dinner and drinks a short while back and had a fantastic experience.
The food is delicious and generous, and the atmosphere on the pool deck really made us feel that we were on holidays.
The Irish pub on site is unique, quaint and a delight. Definitely one of the better offerings Cairns has. Go there, we will definitely be back!

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