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Cafe China

Recently moved to inside the Reef Hotel Casino complex, Cafe China is open for yum cha lunch and chinese dinner. Owner Harry Sou has extremely high standards and you are assured of a delicious meal every time you visit this authentic Chinese restaurant. Very high quality and excellent service.




A la carte, Licensed, Buffet, Take Away

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(07) 4041 2828
35-41 Wharf Street, Cairns

What people are saying...

8 Jun 2012

Food was very nice but very pricey for what you got 4 people $400 bill.
Not many people eating there however it was a Tuesday night

First time cairns visitor
22 Apr 2011

Very disappointed :( being asian and an yum cha fanatic, i would have given this cafe / restaurant 3 out of 10. 3-4 watiers on duty at the time with less than 6 tables, some of our dishes didnt even turn up by the time we wanted to leave and pay the bill. The tea was something different to what we ordered.

The wrapping around the har gou stuck to the paper on the bottom of the steamers. We ordered 2 lots of duck feet and ended up with 1, with the waiting telling us the other one will arrive soon. Ordered 2 plates of chinese vegies with one plate being browned vegies .... highlight of the wholemeal only because it was prob the only thing close to ediable was the other plate of vegies.

I wouldnt recommened it to anyone, and remove this place from the casion which is suppose to be a classy establishment with fine dining. Food from this place should end up in a street market ..... i took the effort to write all this and to you all know how disappoitment i was.

Cape princess
27 May 2010

bit disappointed in the small selection of tidbits as compared to Golden Boat.
Also, the price isn't displayed on the list, so you don't know how much you will be spending.

The Miso soup, actually was the worst I ever had.

Love the decor, especially the pink seats and is a very calm, serene space.

12 May 2009

I lurv Yum Cha...the food that was brought around on the trolleys was great, but the variety was very small...somehow they missed the fried (which was great for the waistline), but Im a bit of a yum cha freak, so nothing measured up to my first experience...however the decor in this cafe is so creative, especially the fabric covered pink chairs...GREAT!!

Irene Chapman
18 Sep 2005

The word Cafe does the establishment an unjustice. It's a great place for discerning chinese food lovers, as well as the beginner trying out non-suburban Aussie chinese food.
People with mobility problems can enter the restaurant, but it's a pity the wheelchair accessible toilet is used as a storeroom.

21 Mar 2003

Run in for yum fun
Reviewed on: 2003-03-21
Reviewer's rating: 4

It was a rainy day and I wanted lunch. I wanted good food, I wanted it fast, and I wanted it under $25 per head.
Who do you call? No one. Go directly to Caf

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