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Port Douglas


(07) 40981202
41 Front Street, Mossman

What people are saying...

2 Aug 2008

Had superb meal there last night (01.08.08)Remi and his team do a wondeful job.

The recent upgrade and repaint of the bar and dining area is just great!

The "Demi View"complex where Mojo`s is situated has become a real 'icon'in Front Street Mossman.

Would recommend a visit anytime.Meals would compare with Port Douglas and would be a great alternative for the discerning diner at a reasonable price.

Wally and Jill Bell

Shaun Cram
9 Jun 2007

For great service and even better food, you simply must try the best restaurant in Mossman, if not indeed, the whole of the Douglas Shire. Forget Port Douglas and all its pretensions, this is truly world class dining, but at Mossman prices.
You can be assured of a very warm welcome, great food and an all in all great dining experience.

Why listen to me, go and see for yourself.


14 Oct 2004

Brilliant steaks, frequent menu changes, great chefs, low prices. What more could you want. Absolutely the best dining in mossman.

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