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Roti King

A take away type atmosphere, quick service and good food make this a great place for a quick lunch. The curry in the rotis is tasty but mild so even the delicate amongst us should be able to enjoy the Roti King.




Family Friendly, Take Away

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(07) 40337710
512 Mulgrave Road (Shop 1), Cairns

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13 Sep 2008

The worst thing about this place is that they're not open 7 days! One of them including Mondays when for some reason I crave rotis the most.

The roti's are delicious, cheap and the staff are very friendly. It's by far my favourite quick place to go for a meal. Favourite for the quality and quick nature of it without being "fast food" in the vein of McDonald's.

Kirby Koopman
23 May 2008

I eat Rotis from the Roti King whenever I can - fantastic flavour that is rich in Carribean spices, succulent meats (or vegetarian) and as hot as you like. Try it and you will become a convert (and yes, they are nice people... but you'll curse them for not opening 7 days a week!!)

15 Nov 2006

My Partner and I travel from Townsville to eat at Roti King - its worth the four hour drive, its a firm favourite when we stop in Cairns. Love the food its inexpensive, fast and filling. There is nothing like it here in Townsville and we wish there was a Roti king here.

17 Jun 2006

This place is GREAT you want Take Away this is good food and yes they are nice people. If you don't know them you should.

Ring your order through as they don't keep very long hours so you need to make sure they are open. If your not familiar with Roti's they will tell you all about them on the phone, remember these are good people but on the other hand don't expect a fifteen minute chat at 7.30 on a Friday night.

Kristie Perkins
20 Apr 2005

My partner and I are addicted to Roti's, They are so healthy, filling, and yummy all at the same time! Everything at Roti King is well priced and the people who serve us are always soooo polite and friendly :-)

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