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Port Douglas


(07) 40983311
Front Street, Port Douglas

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briat schlonkey
6 May 2006

wow this place has really cool items of food, the staff are quite relaxed and friendly and obviously love their line of work. u can buy a pie and some sauce and eat it in splendid fashion. or just buy a loaf of bread and some jam from the shop and some butter aswell and maybe a sports drink or an ised coffee and have a nice fashionable picknic at the park.

u can positively venture to the back entrance of the bakery and purchase a freshly made pie or pizza bread at night like at 3am after a hefty clubbing adventur at the nearby night spots which induce hunger in the masses of spiritual needy chums.

so make sure u go there if u want a pie in the early hours of the morning, much better than settling for a crusty pie from the servo nearby, no way as professionally created.

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