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Canton Chinese Restaurant & Take Away

The Canton has been serving great Chinese food in Cairns for longer than we can remember. Tucked away on McLeod St, it is a restaurant that many people are unaware of, but once you try the fresh and cheap Chinese food, you'll be back for more.




A la carte, Take Away

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(07) 40516729
Minnie Street, Cnr McLeod St, Cairns

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17 Nov 2012

Reasonable quality food for Aussie style Chinese

17 Jun 2006

This is my favourite Chinese, when I notice the taxi drivers parked out front waiting I tried it and have never looked back.

This place is no great culinary experience just very good Aussie style Chinese dine in or take away.

It is nothing flash when it comes to decor but dinning in with a group of friends and a few grog's (BYO) the banquet is really good value.

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