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Joe's @ Edmonton

Pizzas from here are a delicious quick dinner if you live on the southside of Cairns. Great takeaway Italian food.




Family Friendly, Take Away, Pizzeria

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Southern Districts


(07) 40555655
159 Bruce Highway, Edmonton

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24 Apr 2012

Now called Joe's@Edmonton, this was THE best pizza I have ever eaten. No joke.
A large (15") costs $26 but is worth every cent. We ordered the Joe's Supreme and it came with 16 toppings and weighed about 2 kg with a thin base. Would definately recommend this place.

26 Feb 2012

Yes, Joessepes is now under new management, It also has a new name... The old owner Clive seems to be a real piece of work, i never had the misfortune of seeing him at his worst, but i've heard the stories. The new owners are fantastic people, and all of their staff are equally as helpful and friendly. The pizzas and pastas are made quickly and efficiently with all fresh ingredients by chefs who know what they're doing. With home made bases and sauces, you can taste the difference. The same favourite menu with a few extras thrown on, as well as a chef's special which changes each week. The small store is going through minor refurbishment so within the next few months you should notice a few welcome changes to the decor and atmosphere. The delivery drivers are smart and friendly, and you shouldn't be waiting any longer then 30 - 45 mins on a good night. One thing that the new owners Katy and Shayne take pride in, is their quality of service and customer satisfaction. If you are not 100% happy with your order, they will do what ever it takes to win you back over... A complete remake of your meal, free delivery, and maybe even a garlic bread and coke thrown in as a bonus. These are good people making an honest living through hard work and great service. Its good food, and honestly, its a fantastic place to work... take it from me, i've been a delivery driver for Katy and Shayne for 6 months now, hands down best casual job i've had in quite a while.

1 Feb 2012

Under new management again after closing for a little while. Still the best pizza you get in town. Glad it's open again for business...

1 Feb 2012

This is yet again under new management after closing for a while. Still the best pizza in town! So glad it is back open for business...

22 Jan 2012

Hi all I would just like to let you know that Joeseppes is now under new ownership and is now called Joes @ Edmonton so come on down pizzas are great and so is the customer service

Tzaneen Corke
15 Sep 2011

Joeseppes has been taken under new management! Joeseppes pizza bases are made in house and all sold out for mass marketing! I have never in my life had such an amazing pizza and concidering I am no pizza fan it was out of this world no other pizza will compare...Here to new things to come for Joeseppes!!!

Michael Corke
15 Sep 2011

My sister has taken over hehe, Well done Shirley keep up the good work. Luv ya girl from your big brother in Cape Town.

11 Jun 2011

apparently under new management. Pick up service greatly improved. Pizzas great, and extended hours are great you can get a pizza up till 11p.m Friday and Saturday and 9pm the rest of the week. Who ever has taken over the management well done!!!!! 5 stars.

8 Jun 2011

i went there and the food and service was amazing, ive read the older post and after new mangament has taken over the place has improved greatly, 5 stars :)

8 Apr 2011

Ordered 3 small pizzas for pick up on a Friday night and was told it would be 45 mins . My husband waited 15 mins to be served, only to be told it would be ready in 30 mins. So hubby came home and went back in 30 mins, only to be told it would be another 30 mins. Again hubby came home. When the 30 mins were up I phoned and asked if the pizzas were ready yet. The reply was that they will be ready in another 30 mins. I asked to speak to the owner and he refused to speak to me. I heard him over the phone say, "I don't want to talk to her!" I was asked to call back the next day at 4pm. When I called he still didn't want to talk to me. When we finally got the pizzas 2 and a half hours after ordering them, there was no apology and we were expected to pay full price.
I would NEVER recommend Joeseppes Pizza to anyone. The pizzas taste great but the service leaves a lot to be desired for. Clive, the owner is one extremely RUDE man.

andy kay
16 Feb 2011

I went to this place on the 16 Feb 20011 and I can confirm that it is not worth it! I like to support local business, however, this is a joke.

From the inappropriate front of house - management try someone else - to the dirty dishes and lack of customer focus. The menu states that the pasta dish sauces can be swapped, only as long as the cook/owner agrees and the stars align, and the fettuccine alfredo we did get had raw onions and NO flavour. Did I mention that we waited 45 minutes before our meals and then only after an extensive line of late ordering takeway customers were served.

So in summary, wait till your stoned, or the other fast food outlets are closed or near an RBT and risk going here.

11 Jan 2010

Great service, really friendly, great quality food. Would recommend over all other franchise pizza outlets.

John Kirk
7 Jan 2010

Far North QLD has a huge Italian population, so you'd expect that just about any Italian restaurant in Cairns would offer really authentic Italian food, right?

Wrong. Joeseppe's is stuck in the past. Decor-wise, the restaurant isn't TOO bad, although that depends on your tolerance for cheesy plastic plants, of which there's an overabundance. But it's the food that really lets this suburban restaurant down.

If I had to use one word to describe it, it'd be "stodgy." The meals are heavy and bloat your stomach for hours afterward.

The pasta carbonara is quite unlike any I've ever tasted, and that's not a compliment. Instead of a light, silky, egg-based sauce sprinkled with cracked pepper, you get a thick, gloopy bechamel-style sauce with no black pepper to speak of and gristly bits of ham.

The pizza Napolitana fares no better. It has far too much cheese and comes on what's obviously a commercially-bought, thick, doughy base that reminded me of those "deep pan" bases you get from the big pizza chains. In other words, you feel like all you're eating is dough, and it makes you feel boated afterwards. A homemade, thinner, crunchier base would've been much better. The pizza sauce used on the base was also obviously commercially-bought, the kind that no doubt comes in big multi-litre bottles. Come on, Joesppe's, make your own pizza bases and your pizza sauces! Don't buy them in. That's just lazy.

Overall I'm sorry to say that the experience was like eating at an Italian restaurant 20 years ago. The food was like the old-fashioned "Australianized" Italian food you used to get back in the '70s and '80s when it was cooked by chefs who'd never tasted real, authentic Italian cooking. I see that there are some rave reviews for this restaurant, but all I can say is, well, folks, if you loved the food from Joeseppe's then obviously you've never tasted the real thing.

shawn Jacenko
12 Sep 2009

I called at 7pm sat night and got the machine, it said sorry we are closed. Our business hours are from 4pm till late. Not impressed/7pm is not late. sad

8 May 2009

Only the best pizza in Cairns. You get lots of toppings and one of these large pizza's will do 3-4 people. Great pizza!

Bob Kelly
29 Aug 2008

Best pizza in FNQ.
Great flavours
Delivery erratic!
Most times delivered warm to cold.

10 Jan 2008

Pizzas are fantastic we always buy from them dont be fooled by the price if u re use to buying the cheaper pizza our family is lucky to eat a whole family pizza.. Fulla fillings and very tasteeeeee recomended to all... Just delicious

11 Sep 2006

It's all about quality not quantity. I don't mind paying extra because you can taste the difference from mass produced pizzas. If this shop was in Brisbane it would win the "best pizza" prize each year. Pity we don't have these awards in Cairns.

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