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Coast Roast Coffee Cairns Central

Coast Roast is a top spot for a relaxing coffee with friends. A decadent selection of cakes and cafe-style food is available.




Espresso Bar

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07 4041 1006
Cairns Central Shopping Centre, Cairns

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2 Oct 2013

The food was delicious the set up fantastic the coffee was a let down. I paid for a double shot flat white very milky and the texture of the milk was shocking full of bubbles and Luke warm.

Keiran Jarvinen
12 May 2013

I've lived in Cairns for 10 years now and frequented this coffee shop/eatery many times. I've never been let down and always enjoyed the meal. I also love the easy going friendly atmosphere.
Keep up the great work you guys are awesome

Sharon Crotty
15 Sep 2012

I frequently go to Coast Roast for Hot Chocolate & have until now been very happy with the service & really enjoyed it. Today my hot chocolate was of a very low & lumpy standard. I asked for it to be remade & I was given a luke warm drink and it was 3/4 cream and 1/4 chocolate, it was like they were making fun of me. It is disappointing that all the staff could see that I was not happy, including the managers, and did nothing to rectify the problem.

27 Sep 2009

follow the link to see my views on the parma


16 Mar 2009

we 've been in Cairns for a few days, this is the best cafe ever !! the lasagna, capuccino, choco something ...sooo good !!
goona miss your restaurant

lisa Lindgren
8 Dec 2007

just want to say that this is the best coffe shop ever in the world!
I love your coffees... :)
and thats not b/c I have been working at this place last year?! and I miss it a little... :) maybe alot!!

take care!!
Lisa Lindgren

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