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Annabel's Gourmet Pie Shop

The pies range from sumptuous beef to vegetarian, and other pastry items such as sausage rolls are available.




Take Away, Bakery

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(07) 4051 5583
187 Scott Street, Bungalow

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21 Aug 2012

They make great fruit flans (fruit pieces with custard in a pie crust), as long as they don't put grapes in them. The yummiest one I've had consisted of just strawberry, pineapple and kiwi-fruit, which I bought at Raintrees. Ditch the grapes and the lychees.

Greggy Pearce
7 Jun 2011

What can I say other than this is the best $50 I have spent for the lunch this week so far Bud! Although one must protest the hours of trading. A 2pm close time is not enough time to satisfy my animalistic hunger urges in the afternoon. I find my self dissapointed and upset when I waddle on down to find them not able to serve me my usual 4 sausage rolls, 2 cream buns and 3 meat pies. Booyah! A couple of small suggestions - perhaps a 24x7 drivethrough and maybe a free delivery service. I wouldnt be impervious toward the idea of having a 30 day account as well.

mr g
12 Nov 2007

with new owners the shop and products are at there all time best well done guys and keep up the great work. i will be back.

17 Jun 2006

Love their Pies, shame they give me indigestion.

They make good Sandwiches and rolls to, close around 2.00pm catering for the industrial are that surrounds them.

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