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Out of the Whey

North Queensland's only farmhouse cheese making operation. This charming cottage is located at a biodynamic dairy farm, and visitors can watch the organic products being made on the premises. Free samples of cheeses are offered, and the devonshire tea is a treat.





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(07) 40972232
256 Brooks Road, Millaa Millaa ((off Palmerston Hwy))

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Bill B
8 May 2010

I have been to Out of the Whey Cafe' a number of times . Each time it is always a pleasure to receive the true country welcome. No put on smiles here.
Every one is helpful & pleasant. they obviously enjoy looking after customers. the food is to die for, quality &n presentation is fantastic & quality fabulous. The views & environs are so green & beautiful. Nice range of nick knacks to. A must do attraction. The prices are low too.

More Food Please
31 Dec 2005

On our last visit to the picturesque Atherton Tablelands in North Queensland, my husband and I stopped at the Out of the Whey Teahouse, which fronts Mungalli Creek Dairy, situated outside Millaa Millaa.

We can say without a doubt that this little mecca hidden amongst the green rolling hills of dairy country was simply delightful and provided us with the most memorable meal of our travels.

If you go to Mungalli Creek Dairy expecting a cheesy (excuse the pun!!) song and dance routine about the dairy industry complete with hour long tour and compulsory hygienic shower caps upon entering, you will be disappointed.

But if you go with an enormous appetite and a desire to escape to a bygone era, if you want to eat the best damn cheesecake you have ever tasted, if you want a meal with an incredible view of Mt Bartle Frere and some very contented looking cows. If you want friendly service and free cheese samples on arrival and some really cute souvenirs. This is the place you're looking for! After eating my mind-blowing Pot de Fromage (a pot pie made of three cheeses!!!!!!) for only $10, I couldn't help myself. I went all nostalgic and bought a spunky heritage-style Mungalli Creek Dairy tea towel and apron. My husband would like me to acknowledge the taste bud tantalizing effects of the Mungalli Creek Dairy brand Chilli Sauce. He insisted on buying a jar to take home, after sampling it with his spanakopita (spinach and feta pie).

If you want to support biodynamic farming and small family businesses, you cannot afford to miss the Out of the Whey Teahouse experience at Mungalli Creek Dairy.

25 Mar 2003

Organic cow country
Reviewed on: 2003-03-24
Reviewer's rating: 3

I'd been driving around the Atherton Tablelands for hours showing my Melburnian visitor the wonders of high-altitude nature and the joys of driving along empty roads. But the tedious passage from Ravenshoe to Millaa Millaa was taking its toll on my alertness at the wheel, so a leg-stretching stop was in order.

As I careened around a bend, low and behold, the Out of the Whey caf

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