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Corea Corea

Brightly decorated, Corea Corea is similar to lunch bars in Korea. Serving tasty, authentic Korean cuisine, this spot is idea for a quick lunch, a sit & relax. Easy to read menu and friendly staff.


Asian, Vegetarian, Korean


Visa, Family Friendly, EFTPOS, Mastercard, JCB, Amex, Diners Club, Take Away, Home Delivery

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Daily: 10:00am – 9:00pm




(07) 40316655
Shop 32, 79 Abbott St, Cairns (inside Orchid Plaza)

What people are saying...

Joseph Oui
2 Feb 2015

I loved dining at Corea Corea before I left to Brisbane, in Brisbane I searched for the Spicy Octopus and found nothing such as Corea Corea, I'm back in Cairns and I'm back dining at Corea Corea, yummo!!

7 Jan 2014

Read the reviews and went to see and it lives up to them... Excellent food served quickly hot and tasty my beef arrived on a hot plate and remained hot throughout
Will definitely be returning and very reasonable in price with free barley tea as well

23 Aug 2012

i have to say i love the service and the high food quality i like go there every 4 times a week not even joking. like just go to corea corea you wont regret it!

23 Aug 2012

Corea Corea is just the must place to go to when you come to cairns. the food id just like you have tasted heaven

Hanna Cha
23 Aug 2012


2 Aug 2012

=the food texture, quality, presentation, umm just general friendliness and quality, yeah um 100/10 on my plate. definately revisit. GOOD JOB! brilliant.

1 Feb 2012

Great fast service with cheap meals priced around $12 and big and filling. Very yummy but spicy... if you dont like spicy food I recommend you ask for not hot (but sometimes it still can be).

miss foodaholic
17 Jan 2012

Sizzling Pork-hot & spicy
what can I say; sure got rid of my hangover
and it comes out hot and tasty
It beats the Foodcourt at the night markets any time

Carol Plinz
3 Apr 2011

This is one of my favourite restaurants in Cairns. Proves to other restauranteurs that you can provide reasonably priced meals, with good sized portions, freshly cooked from high quality ingredients. Why can't the othe restaurants do it? I don't know...

31 May 2010

Just to say I worship this place. The food is cheap, you get a lot of it and if you can find a reason to complain there's something wrong with you.
The BBQ beef ribs (bulgogi) was the first meal I had there and it was to die for. The Jabche, any stone pot - they're all fantastic. I've only been to Australia/Cairns twice but this place is a must go whenever i'm there. I live in England therefore pretty much no Korean places (none where I live). The one thing I miss about Cairns - the food! I love Asian food anyway, especially Japanese, but Corea Corea is just nice, simple, delicious, cheap and plentiful. Staff are friendly, mugicha (barley tea) is free on tap. Nice atmosphere - Orchid Plaza seems to be more of a Korean/Japanese place so it's a bit less touristy. A real gem a place overall.

One word of warning - if you don't like spicy food, ask beforehand. The 'spicy' dishes really are hot. And don't be scared of Kimchee, it's a brilliant side dish.

25 Mar 2010

Corea Corea has absolutely beautiful food. I eat there all the time and the service is great.

Cherie Bargery
29 Jun 2009

I LOVE this restaurant!! I frequented this place at least twice a week when my husband and I lived in Cairns. My favourite is the Kimchi Soup but all of their dishes are spectacular!

Please open a restaurant in Darwin! We have a high Indonesian population here who love spicy food and I believe you would do well here. And I miss your food!

8 Jun 2009

little bit of change in menu, which i still think is very reasonable, rather upgraded.

one of the best restaurants in Cairns.
good food, good service, good price.. what else can you expect more! this restaurant needs more franchise in other cities as soon as possible!

Jim McMartin
30 May 2009

Ate lunch at Corea Corea a couple weeks ago. The food arrived hot, sizzling, tasty and fresh, and basically wonderful.

Was hoping it wasn't a fluke.

It wasn't. Went there again last night, and it is all of the above and more - with the dinner-sized portions!

And, it's only the second place in Cairns where I've seen staff actually RUNNING to serve the customers (the other being the Baskin 31 Robbins ice creamery on the Esplanade). That's what customer service is supposed to be. SERVICE!


Alan Wyness
1 Apr 2009

I have been going to Corea Corea for the last 4 years and the menu is superb, its also very reasonably priced, the staff are very friendly and I love taking friends and family there. Its definately worth checking out.

Steve & Yilun
7 Feb 2009

On a four day, three night visit to Cairns, we ate there three times. The food was excellent and the staff was friendly and effecient. Our only regret is their location, Cairns not Sydney. If we return to Cairns, Corea Corea will be the first stop. Thank you.

Brad Hope
24 Oct 2007

Corea Corea, what can i say? In three words, authentic, outstanding service friendly and helpful staff. i have been going to this resteraunt for several years, and seen the positive changes made in several areas. i continue to take my friends, collegues and family. i can't wait to go again. We plan on having a banquette in late November to honour our Master Instructor< Grand Master Lee Sung Soo

9 May 2006

Corea Corea is a FANTASTIC cafe... If the place is full of asians we figured that must be a good sign! Fantastic food, huge serves, very good value for money and friendly staff. Very Highly Recommended. Locals head to Orchid Plaza, don't let this be for the tourists only!

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