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Coffee Bean Estate

A delightful coffee shop in a stunning location, Coffee Bean Estate has outstanding views across the Esplanade lagoon, and Cairns skyline. Boasting Cairns' only on-location roasted beans, coffee connoisseurs will take pleasure from the high quality coffee from this cafe.




Family Friendly, Smoking Area, Take Away, Espresso Bar

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Daily: 7:00am – 10:00pm




(07) 4051 3688
Pierpoint Rd (Pier Marketplace), Cairns

What people are saying...

12 Dec 2015

Great food and coffee and the best customer service I have seen in Cairns for a while!!

23 Nov 2012

I love the frappé! So suited to Cairns hot weather. I am so glad to say I am going to work in the Lake Street Store. I found the owners to be lovely people. I love the atmosphere, it is perfect for meeting up with people, or relaxing on your own. Close to everything but tranquil. Love it.

passing customer
18 Jun 2012

Excellent service, manager was fantastic and extremely helpful... above and beyond the call of duty

miss not immpressed
25 Dec 2009

haley hardy : on comment about coffee bean estate staff giving bad service.not staffs fault if YOU ordered the wrong thing for your husband, he ate it, well half of what you ordered for him......got up and complained thats not what he wanted. so thats YOUR fault wright ? of course you wouldnt owe up to it............ shame on you. and have the nerve to post it up on the net............... karma will come to you one day.

16 Dec 2009

We called into Coffee Bean Estate to buy the on-site roasted beans we had heard about, and decided to stay for coffee - that was a mistake.
The service was poor, with a sullen female at the till who knew little about coffee. A different but equally sullen teenager brought our drinks. I did not see a smile from any customers or staff in the time we were there.
Despite the declaration that they roast on-site, it is only possible to buy espresso coffee in the one type of coffee they are serving - the "barista" did not know what type of coffee that was.
And of the coffee beans I bought: the Sumatra Mandehling. Not nearly the chocolate overtones or richness I have met when buying it from other coffee roasters.
I would not return.

Hayley Hardy
15 Nov 2009

This was the worst service I have ever experenced. After having a warm coffee then waiting over 45mins for our food my husband went up to ask for our money back the Manager then blamed us for the wait as there were 10 of us and only 1 cook. What did we expect. BETTER SERVICE. We are locals and will never return to this so called coffee shop.

lolyal customer
15 Aug 2009

coffee bean has the best coffee in cairns. i go there because the rugular staff look after me and know what i want every time, ( chris, sonya, emily) . over all food cakes and coffee is fantastic i wold reconmmend it to any 1 cheers guys

1 May 2007

Had Breakfast there a few weeks ago. Large tasty meal at a reasonable price. Not the best atmosphere, usually just get a takeaway coffee. The coffee is very good - the Grande Coffee is huge, must be nearly a litre!!

Chanel Thomas
24 Apr 2007

I absoloutely love Coffee Bean, I think it is a great place to hang out with your friends and just relax. I really enjoy the 'Cool blended Cookies & Cream' drink, it is my favourtie. I hope they never close! Cheerio :)

25 Oct 2006

Coffee Bean is a great place where you can enjoy a one of a kind coffee. There are many choices of hot and cold drinks as well as a spectacular lunch menu. If your looking for great coffee go to Coffee Bean. They make great fruit smoothies as well as cool blends and the chai there is amazing!

28 Jul 2006

The Coffee Bean Estate; the perfect meeting place, lounging place, reading place and overall dining place. Especially at night the service and promise of a fantastic drink (ie; flat white, hot choclate, spicy chai latte) continues to bring myself and many friends here on a regular basis.

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