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Baskin Robbins

In addition to the wide selection of world famous ice creams, Baskin Robbins hand makes delicious ice cream cakes for all occasions. Cakes are usually available for immediate delivery. On a warm day at the Cairns Esplanade lagoon, drop in and grab an icecream!




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(07) 4051 4034
59 The Esplanade, Cairns

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Carol Plinz
3 Apr 2011

I agree with the other posters here. I always look forward to the new flavors of the month. Better than the "do it yourself" ice cream mix places, where the quality is sometimes good, sometimes not.

Jim McMartin
30 May 2009

I've lived in North Queensland for 20 years. This is the first shop I've ever been in where the staff, when busy, actually runs to get the customers served! It was shocking the first time I saw it, but believe me this is how all service should be.

This place has super ice cream flavours, as well. Always something new and tasty. I usually get mine with the freshly cooked waffle cone.

Sharon Kozinski
8 Jul 2008

We stopped at this Baskins while we were in Cairns recently (our first trip overseas, btw). It is one of the nicest run Baskins we have ever been in (equal to the big flagship store in Hawaii).

Staff were uber-friendly, and despite being very busy the service was swift unlike much of our vacation in Australia.


Joan Vincin
28 Jan 2007

Every single time I go into Baskin Robbins on the Esplanade, the service is friendly and helpful and there's always a tough decision to make when choosing an ice cream flavour! My favourite is Strawberry Cheesecake though!

12 Jan 2007

Great ice cream, great venue! Looking forward to having ice cream during my visit in April '07. Sure my friends are going clean the place out of all the ice cream.

11 Jul 2006

The Baskin Robbins was very clean and the service was great. Oh and the Ice Cream was awesome....glad to see that they had Peanut Butter Chocolate!!!

Also, the owners are very nice!!

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