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Marinades Indian Snack Food

Looking for a quick and delicious lunch in the heart of Cairns city? Marinades Indian Snack Food takeaway is the answer. If you're familiar with the exceptional quality of food at Marinades Restaurant located around the corner from the takeaway shop, you'll know the food at the snack food version is great. Feast on samosas and Indian breads for lunch and enjoy a wonderful treat.




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Monday: 10:00am – 3:00pm
Tuesday: 10:00am – 3:00pm
Wednesday: 10:00am – 3:00pm
Thursday: 10:00am – 3:00pm
Friday: 10:00am – 3:00pm




(07) 40415550
6/45 Grafton St, Cairns

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24 Jul 2003

Indian on the run
Reviewed on: 2003-07-22
Reviewer's rating: 3

For those of us who work in Cairns city, buying a takeaway lunch can be a monotone experience that rapidly becomes mundane and regular as the business year draws on. There are few options available to the take-away purchaser - heart-disease-inducing meat pies and sausage rolls, franchised burgers dripping with mayonnaise, or MSG laden vegetables that look healthy but make your stomach emit strange noises for hours after consumption.

To be fair, there are other takeaway lunch options available such as kebabs, sandwiches and sushi, but these aren't ‘takeaway' in the strictest sense. For my money any work day lunch that takes longer than 30 seconds to move from its home at the restaurant to my hand, enters a different class of food. "Quick lunch" may be more apt. The takeaway I'm interested in is instant. On the spot. Select, receive, go; thankyou Joe.

With this in mind, we're back to where we started: a narrow range of unhealthy food. You could bring homemade lunch to work, but hey, that takes effort early in the morning. Forget it.

With glee, I have excellent news to share with you. Marinades Indian Snack Food has opened in the centre of town on Grafton Street, offering the kind of lunch you normally only receive in a sit-down restaurant. The calibre of the takeaway food also matches the standard of food in a restaurant - in this case (funnily enough) Marinades Restaurant. A heated presentation unit displays the Indian food well, and all you need to do is point to whatever takes your fancy and hey presto there you go. It allows you more time to sit around doing nothing while you wait for the clock to inform you that work beckons.

The Marinades Restaurant is located around the corner from the snack food shop. I suspect they have a secret underground tunnel where the restaurant food is transported to the takeaway shop. You can try meat samosas, vegetable samosas, tandoori chicken, dhokla and vegetable cutlets. Sample Indian bread you simply cannot get anywhere else in Cairns. And if you really feel decadent, try the Indian drinks such as mango iassi (mango flavoured yogurt drink) or basundi dessert (chilled sweet thickened milk with chopped pistachio and almonds).

Prices at Marinades Indian Snack Food range from $2 to $6 and the healthy flavoursome food make it excellent value for money. He service is friendly and fast - perfect for a lunch food grab. If you're buying lunch for your office, I recommend ordering ahead of time to ensure Marinades Indian Snack Food has everything ready for you.

If you lack the time to enjoy a fine Indian lunch at Marinades Indian Restaurant, you can experience the next best thing at their snack food shop. It is going to feature heavily on my lunch-time list and I am confident I won't get tired of it. There's something about Indian food that's refreshing and tantalising. See you there!

- Diner Diller

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