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Great Barrier Reef


(07) 4069 1090
Victoria Parade, Thursday Island

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miki stevens
17 Dec 2008

Ive travelled up to T.I a few times this year, and with the new change of owner at Aunt Mary's, has come a whole new look and menu. They've catered now a lot more to the health conscience, with salad wraps, rolls and baguettes. Home made steak pies, and sausage rolls are a bakery credential, and are always great, and same goes with their gourmet chicken...
you can see Im a bit of a regular!!! You can now even jump on their website and pre order your lunch for the next day, saves the hassle of lining up, especially when Ive got such a short lunch break.


07 40692090

mmmm check it out!

7 Feb 2007

We've been to Aunty Mary's Bakery. Mid 2005 i sailed my yacht Wildcard with 8 people onboard into Thursday Island and had the please of meeting Mary. It was just before closing time on Friday before the weekends fishing so Mary proceeded to give us enough pies, cakes, slices, sandwiches and pastries to feel the 8 of us for weeks.

The food is fantastic and the warm generous nature of the Thursday Island people our typified by our wonderful encounter with Mary and her Bakery. THANKS MARY, we wont forget you guys.

kim and rosie Eteru
30 Aug 2005

aunt mary's bakery is awesome. the now sell gourmet chicken which is so tasty and delicious, low in fat. all the ti people love the chicken and are lining up at 6.00am in the morning for the chicken.
you gotta go there and check it out

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