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Scotty's Bar & Grill

Gorgeous spot just across the road from the beach, Scotty's takes advantage of it's position with much alfresco dining. Friendly staff and a cool, casual atmosphere make it a perfect venue for afternoon drinks or a cruisy meal.


Bistro, Seafood, Vegetarian


Al fresco, Licensed, Smoking Area

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Southern Districts


(07) 40688676
167 Reid Road, Mission Beach

What people are saying...

Mickey Bradford
7 Mar 2011

Best food; best people; absolutely fantastic!
Scotty's is the best reason to go to Mission Beach. Thanks for looking after us so well!

kylie gough
11 Mar 2010

hi there, my name is kylie....... i worked at scottys for about 2 years 1999,2001 in meal orders , the bar, then hard banana bar and in reception at the back packers .....
I can say i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved the place i loved the people and i expecially loved the scott family, james, liby, hugh, boyd and their families ... i lived in holland street and had the little blonde girls ..... just down from james and libby ,
was a beautiful , beautiful place then ... visited about 4 years ago ...... still perfect xxxxxx i now no longer waitress , i am a nurse

Robin & Barney
26 Jan 2009

An extract from our travelogue (24 May 2008) : "Our evening meal at Scotty’s Bar & Grill – I have the crocodile steak, justifiably recommended by the chef as “absolutely beautiful” – vividly recalling his “out of mind” experience at Barnacle Bill’s the other night, Barney goes for the pasta - again, the best !"

Stuart C
3 Nov 2005

Agreat meal at a good price. Great staff, always happy and eager to please. Scotty's Rocks

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