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Wok Around The Clock

Very friendly Chinese take away/delivery, with tasty, non-greasy food.


Chinese, Asian


Visa, Family Friendly, Take Away, Home Delivery

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Daily: 5:00pm – 10:00pm




07 4033 1328
578 Mulgrave Rd, Earlville

What people are saying...

21 Dec 2008

Their takeaway food is the BEST available in Cairns. Last week we had a gathering at home and ordered more than $200 worth of food from them. Every dish was perfect and I'm sure thay have gained many more customers as a result of the meal. The attached restaurant Pearl Garden is without doubt the best chinese restaurant in Cairns. I know that the current team has been operating therestaurant and takeaway for more than 15 years and the standards never change.

5 Dec 2008

We have recently discovered and now love this place! Great food, great service (delivery) and overall value is fantastic. We cant wait to eat in and enjoy the full experience.

Megan Tyson
22 Nov 2008

I love the food at the restaurant and to be honest taking away is nowhere near the experience or even close to being as perfect for taste

11 Sep 2007

sorry about your american experience... and please dont think about us americans in a bad way. the vast majority of us would not appreciated that in our own country either! sounds like a great restraunt though!

Sal the Banker
14 Oct 2005

Great restaurant, wonderful staff. Food is amazing and service is the best. The one bad experience I had in the place was years ago, when a drunked American was causing a scene when he could not get his Budweiser. I will never forget the name of that bollack....Buddy Trinkler from some place in New Jersey.

The Restaurant should not be held accountalble for the actions of that drunken american. He really gives those stateside boys a bad name

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