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Clifton Beach


(07) 40592311
14 Clifton Road, Clifton Beach

What people are saying...

Damian and Jody
15 Apr 2011

This is one of the best restaurants we have been to, the food and service is excellent and we would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who stays in our unit at Clifton Beach. When we come to Cairns we eat here almost every night :)

Mark & Sandra
23 Feb 2011

we are going often to dinner in the great restaurant, the Clifton Capers have a excellent food an the dishes looks wonderfully!
The wine is exelent and the bier is cold, i like the place!

Tom & Sandy Tyndall
10 Apr 2010

We have been going to Capers for over 6 years. It is a great restaurant for both locals and visitors. Marty (Chef/Owner) provides not only the best food in Cairns but also the best service - he genuinely cares about you enjoying the experience. The Menu is constantly changing so there is variety. If you don't have time to eat-in then try his great Pizzas- once again the best in Cairns. Try his Supreme with extras - Wow!

Henk en Godelieve de Wilde
15 Dec 2008

In 2007 we haven been in Clifton Capers Bar.Situated in a residential quarter but not far from the beach.The food is excellent. The German owner presents a.o. Schnitzels en Sauerkraut and once a week there is a harmonica (accordeon) player.Lovely place.

Tatjana Boose
29 Jun 2008

Best Schnitzels, great beer and lovely atmosphere : )

Matt, Megan and Jeff
9 Mar 2008

We visit Capers often and I have to say that Marty and his gang there have created something very special in their menu and service. Definitely a must for anyone visiting or even locals like us.

Samantha & Colleen
20 Jul 2007

Well what can I say...

we go there on regular basis, it is a hidden oasis.

Samantha & Colleen

2 Jul 2007

Lived just down the road for 2 years in 2000/01

great people run/own the place, the best schnitzel I have ever tasted.

We used to order food in the restaurant and if our kids played up they would let us take it home and bring the plates etc. back the next day.

miss the place alot.

Geoff & Linda
7 Oct 2006

This would have to be the best kept secret in FNQ

Dined here for the first time seven years ago, and agin just last month.

Still a top menu and great dining experience

You have to try it

Peter Allsop
18 Jul 2006

We came across Clifton Capers by chance having walked the beach from Trinity. On our map it showed the premises as a shop, what a wonderful surprise & relief to find it was a Bar/Grill. We had some very cool drinks which were much needed, and decided we would like to stay for a meal. We didn't know it was the owners (2nd?) anniversary of their opening of Clifton Capers, but despite all the other things going on, we were treated wonderfully and had a wonderful meal ( 10 out of 10 ). Even though the guys (owners) had such an important evening going on, they still had time to check we were happy with our meal and service !
This was one of our most memorable evenings in Cairns and I would like to thank the guys and staff for a truly great time.

Peter, Christine, Clare, James & Mark

Cassandra Marrinon
2 Feb 2006

The food was fantastic. The presentation and the selection of choices exceeded expectation. I had the “fish of the day” and it was delicious. The fact that you can bring your own wine made it even better. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone wanting top class food, at a reasonable price, in a relaxed setting.

melanie maidens
3 Jun 2005

absolutely wonderful......service the best. i had a wee dog and they had a special little table for people with dogs.

highly recommended.

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