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Bel Paese

A cute Italian restaurant with a warm friendly atmosphere and genuine, tasty cuisine. The kind of trattoria you'd expect to discover accidently tucked away in a quaint alleyway in Sardinia. Great location for people watching, al fresco dinners and casual romance.


Italian, Seafood, Vegetarian


Visa, Al fresco, Family Friendly, EFTPOS, A la carte, Licensed, Mastercard, Smoking Area, Non-Smoking, Cairns CBD, Pizzeria

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Mon - Sat: 5pm - Late




(07) 4051 6165
45 Spence Street, Cairns

What people are saying...

5 Feb 2015

Amazing food.. Very welcoming.

3 Jan 2013

Two pizzas, margherita and a supreme, and a chicken and pesto calzone.... fantastic... my partner, a milanese said the best pizza so far in Oz after 7 years, 5 stars.

Complimenti to Bel Paese!

12 May 2012

Ate three times at Bel Paese & the food on each occasion was excellent. The staff are friendly & very helpfull. When you hear a lot of their customers are locals you know you are on to a winner.

Compliments to Nick & all his staff for great food at a great price.

9 Mar 2012

My family ate at Bel Paese for my birthday and we were very happy with the food, service, atmosphere and value for money. I want to eat here twice a week if I could. We had Minestrone, seafood spaghetti and tropical and 4 cheeses pizza, all were fantastic. Can't wait to go back.
@ Felipe "extremely overpriced and revolting" you say, you are obviously in competition with this fine restaurant, good luck to you. The number of reviews that say Bel Paese is the best Italian restaurant in Cairns means that you are either a liar or an idiot. Go and eat at Maccas

23 Dec 2011

One of my favourites for quality authentic Italian pizza in Cairns (which is very rare). Very friendly staff who cant do enough for you, I rate this as a quality night out with the kids.

14 Jul 2011

The lasagne was amazing! If possible can i get a copy of the recipe.

Compliments to the Chef!

1 Jun 2011

felipe, you obviously dont know your types of pasta and taste of pastas, because that ain't black and gold or coles.you must eat that much black and gold pasta at home, that's what your taste buds expected, but DIDN'T recieve. must of been having a really, really bad day. not even the best italian food in cairns could make your day any better. it must of been a SERIOUSLY bad day for u!!!!! if a night dining at bel paese couldn't lift ur day, then nothing would of. PESTO= FRESH SERVICE=GREAT & FRIENDLY. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, if you read the menu(from memory-becuse i had the canneloni when i ate there) where does it state that the canneloni is served with a side salad??? if you know restaurants, you would realise that the small bit of salad and tomato is called a simple "GARNISH". i'd hate to see what you would write after taking your kids or family to a classy restaurant called McDONALDS. god bless,felipe

28 May 2011

thank you staff at Bel Paese,

thank you for providing a wonderful venue and atmosphere for my sons 16th birthday.

16 Mar 2011

Probably one of the worst meals I've had in my life. DO NOT EAT HERE unless you are a masochist who loves to make your stomach ill with some extremely overpriced and revolting low quality pasta.

The night started well with a friendly and attentive service, but it went crashing down as soon as the food started coming.

The pesto on the 'Pesto bruschetta' seemed old and with too much oil and cheese and over stored basil. Looked extremely dark and it was probably the only thing made by the cooks.

For mains we had the penne, which was clearly a low quality package pasta bought from Coles or one of the Black&Gold brands, and spinach & ricotta cannelloni.
The pasta had, at least, 1/3 cup of oil, and little bits of sundried tomato and anchovies, some cheap parmesan and a small piece of parsley, which was probably the only fresh thing in the whole place.
The cannelloni was dry, with a tiny bit of tomato sauce. This at least came with a side salad: HALF A LEAF OF A SAD LETTUCE AND A THIN SLICE OF AN ALMOST ROTTEN TOMATO, cut in half!
We stayed because our son was somehow enjoying the small bowl of (again, Black&Gold type) spaghetti with a tiny bit of the cheap parmesan cheese on top, and the fresh parsley, all of this for just $9.90!! bargain... not

20 Jun 2010

We went there on Friday night and although the food was delicious (got half-half meat eaters and capricosa pizza) and a penne pasta with chicken and avocado the service left a LOT to be desired!

They did the bare minimum they needed too, didn't replace our candle when asked, it was not highly busy and saw them standing around quite a few times. Really ruined the experience for me.

I would definitely go there to buy take-away because I liked the food but would never dine there again. Aside from the lack luster service who wants to eat dinner on the edge of the highway!

Franco Mure
25 Jul 2009

hello everyone

Bel Paese recently won the Queensland section of the Dairy Farmers best pizza challenge with the family’s Four Cheeses Pizza.

with the number one pizza in Queensland now in cairns, i would highly recomend Bel paese

Bel Paese specialise in authentic italian cuisine. the chef's Nicolo and Salvatore Mure (father and son duo) are as authentic italian as the food they are serving. using family recipes past down generations the flavours burst to life on your plate.

bel Paese has a vast menu include pizza, pasta, scallopini, schnitzel, steak, seafood just to name a few.

but dont take my word for it, go and try it.. you will not be disapointed.

i also thought i should post these links to 'Cairns Post' reviews of Bel Paese Pizzeria

1. All in the Family (cairns post Thursday, April 23, 2009)


2. Family's pizza recipe the big cheese (Wednesday, April 8, 2009)


16 Feb 2009

Ate here just before Christmas. Really friendly staff, nice atmosphere and seriously, seriously good food.

The Puttanesca was the best I've ever had (including in Italy) and the Head Chef Nicolo really knows his Italian food.

If you're looking for a laid back, friendly Italian, with great food, then I seriously recommend this place.

13 May 2008

The best Italian food in Cairns, by far. Friendly staff, delicious pasta and pizza's, and very reasonably priced. I definately give it 5 stars!

18 May 2007

Fantastic food, great atmosphere and friendly staff. Keep it up guys! Ill be seeing you again soon


18 Jun 2006

Very good food, friendly staff, Very reasonably priced.

Will be going back to this one.

15 May 2006

It's great to see friendly, non-intrusive restaurant staff that know the menu so well and can offer suggestions. Tasty food made with love at a great price. Will be back again.

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