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Cafe Soul Organics




Visa, Al fresco, Family Friendly, EFTPOS, A la carte, Mastercard, Organic, Amex, Disabled Access, Take Away, Non-Smoking, No Alcohol, Northern Beaches

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07 4038 3975
Shop 81, Smithfield Shopping Centre, Smithfield

What people are saying...

Karla & Jackson
24 Sep 2012

Worst service we have ever had, there was a hair in our food and the owner was very rude to us.. Would not recommend this cafe!!

John D
1 Aug 2012

Now under new management and it shows! Great coffee (brand: Genovese), consistent service and the steady rotation of cakes means I go at least 3 times a week. Cheers.

17 Oct 2011

cafe soul has only ever served organic milk, tea & coffee. even by the previous owners. this is why the new owners have dropped the organics in the name as they felt this was false advertising. i must say the service is 10/10. staff are very friendly and will do anything for you. 99% of everything sold in the shop is homemade. i go there everyweek for my coffee & cake.

10 May 2011

The food use to be great, (A1 service too) when it was sold it changed to second rate truck stop food, such a shame! rude service now to! couldn't pay me to go back again!

Jay & Jasmine
3 Feb 2010

We would not recomend this cafe
Food below average Coffee below average
Most staff are very pleasant NOT AL

Alison and Wayne
2 Aug 2009

I love the coffee at Cafe Soul and their Soy milk is fantastic. I really enjoy their slices and treats and their Soy Latte is the best!! It is nice to go somewhere together where we can both have what we want, I like soy milk and wayne likes normal milk and we both enjoy the food because it caters for everyone.

The prices are great and the food presentation is lovely. What is also nice is that they greet you with a smile and they also thank you again when you leave.There customer service is first class!!! Much appreciated and keep up the good work.

21 Jul 2009

I enjoy going to Soul Organics but I know for a fact that the only consistently organic ingredients they use are the coffee and Mungalli milk. This does not deter me from ordering their BLT with home made garlic aioli but it does somewhat irk me that they market themselves as being an organic cafe.

That said, they do cater to the gluten-intolerant very well and it has got a good vibe. Very handy for parents that it is next to the kids playground - it is possible to have a coffee in peace while keeping an eye on the kids.

Angela and Peter
21 Apr 2009

I would recommend Café Soul Organics, a café in the Smithfield Shopping Centre and who cater for special dietary needs ie vegan, vegetarian etc. 10/10. A little gem I will not forget and will seek out when I return to the northern beaches. The service was friendly and efficient and the food was a delight to the palette. Highly recommended for all.

13 Jan 2008

great vibe & cool tunes! their eggs Benedict is the best i've had- yum-o homemade hollandaise sauce to die for!
The homemade cakes are often strange combinations but it works!
definately 2 thumbs up!

Ash Shepherd
1 Nov 2007

Cafe Soul Organics is a blend of great organic food, smiles, a funky atmosphere, and staff who believe that organic produce is the source of a balanced and health life.

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