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Bull Bar

A classic seafood and steak house serving spectacularly large meals. Perfect for masculine get togethers! Great selecttion of beef, ribs, fish with a fun and friendly atmosphere.




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07 4051 6690
94 Lake St, Cairns

What people are saying...

steve stosser
1 Jan 2009

Very disappointing meals, overpriced and ordinary. Steaks were small and chewy.

Overall we think it is a trap for tourists and will give Cairns a bad name.

Steve Stosser

Scott Smith
28 Dec 2008


This should say it all? No wise locals would go there!


28 Dec 2008

Expensive, terrible service, and ordinary if not suburban food.
Tough steaks and cold fries!
Why go there?

28 Dec 2008

Took some English visitors to the Bull Bar in Cairns last night (Sat 27th Dec 08) for dinner, what a mistake! Firstly the waiters were the usual for Cairns restuarants, slow and not trained. Secondly, when our meals finally arrived we were treated with 1, bland chicken breast with packet herbs sprinkled over it served with cold greasy chips and a very boring salad. 2, a steak sandwich with very chewy steak that was mostly gristle again with cold greasy chips. and 3, lamb cutlets which were surprisingly quite nicely cooked but served with half a potato one piece of asparagus a few sprigs of spinach and a very watery totally tasteless sauce. We had to ask twice for some tomato sauce which did eventually come when we were almost finished trying to eat the meal!
The surprise when we got the bill. We were charged TWICE for the tomato sauce ($2) but we only got one small serving of sauce which as already stated was too long in coming!

Overall, not recommended, the place is overpriced, lousy food lousy service and an embarrassment to Cairns.

We left after paying our account and telling the staff how bad we thought the food was then went and had a proper meal elsewhere as we were all still hungry!

We will never return to this restaurant!

10 Nov 2008

Having been to the Bull Bar on numerous occasions I am saddened to say it's not as good as it was! Probably the reason for all the recent advertising.

Last meal there was down right ordinary along with the service and atmosphere. For what you get for your money in both food and beverage is poor, better food to be had elsewhere in Cairns.

10 Sep 2008

I won a $50 voucher for the bull bar from a local radio station about 6 months ago. Went there and it was absolutely fantastic. Steaks cooked to perfection, delicious vegies and excellent staff....no complaints whatsoever. We said we'd definitely be back!

However, I went to the bull bar again for my husband's birthday recently with a group of about 10 friends. This time, the service was nowhere near as good and my medium-well steak came out with a pool of blood under it and when I cut the steak, it was raw on the inside. Out of 12 people, 10 ordered steak and none of them were cooked properly. The mashed potato was dry and crumbly. The best thing on my plate was the vegies. It was a most disappointing night and I'm sad to say that nobody at our table will be returning.

6 Sep 2008

Venue looks the part, but service was poor, I requested a medium/rare t-bone and was confronted with a very well done t-bone, i sent it back only to recieve another very well done t-bone, staff were adament thats the best they could do!

Michal Dozier
4 Aug 2008

The Bull Bar is fantastic! The best steak I have ever had and the service was excellent!

12 Feb 2008

The Bull Bar is quite a confronting name for a restrurant when you are a woman...it sounds so masculine!

The relaxed atmosphere and the great service are the perfect companion for the meals...which are massive! I ordered rump steak and the plate was filled with steak and an assortment of vegetables. After I had the first mouthful of steak (which was cooked to perfection) I decided to eat the vegetables and save the steak for last. After eating half of the rump I was full, but the exquisite flavors enticed me to keep eating! I did eventually finish the entire meal, and as it was so good, even considered licking the plate. Good manners prevailed and I left with a very full and content stomach.

I highly recommend the bull bar to any steak lovers.

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