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Cocky's at the Cove

One of the most enjoyable things about spending a day at Palm Cove is wandering across the brick road to Cocky's and indulging in a refreshing icecream, milkshake, or small meal. Cocky's has been around for many years, and its prime location in the centre of Palm Cove and friendly staff make it very enjoyable.




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Palm Cove


(07) 40591691
Shop 3 117 Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove

What people are saying...

Gary Norman
24 Aug 2009

We had lunch at Cockys on a sunday and whilst the food was passable the service was very dissappointing. It's always dissapointing in today's age to find a cafe that only takes cash but that wasn't the most dissappointing thing.

Whilst eating our lunch one of the staff came over and asked if we had ordered the 2 coffees she had delivered (which at the time I hadn't paid much attention to). When I realised that she had delivered it to our table by mistake I apologised and explained that I had mistakenly started drinking it. Later on she came over and said "actually I will take those coffees back because it's not really fair on the people who had ordered them and are still waiting." Then afterwards I noticed her delivering 2 fresh coffees to the couple who had obviously originally ordered the coffees we received. I could tell she was talking about our table and likely explaining her mistake by suggesting it was somehow our fault.

To be honest I wasn't too worried about losing the coffees - the coffee there is of a poor standard - and at times staff make mistakes and mix up orders. But I have never seen any venue take an item of food or drink off a patron (who has just spend a fair bit of money with them) just to go and throw it down the sink (I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming they didn't serve a second hand cup of coffee to another patron).

Very dissappointing and not worth another visit.

Paula Turner
4 Apr 2009

We spent four days in Palm Cove 2004, where my son got
married on the beach- Cockys really was so welcoming and friendly, each morning we had our breakfast and looked out on one of the most stunning locations we have ever visited, I would love to visit again, if we are ever in Austrailia, You can keep your big Chain Restaurants, Long Live Cockys!!!

trudi jobling
4 Mar 2007

We have visited Cocky's every time we have been on holiday to Australia. It has a very relaxing atmostphere and is a great place to sit and enjoy the view of the beach. I can recomend the chicken and mango crepes! Cocky's Cafe is one of my favourite places in Palm cove along with fishing from the pier with my husband memories to treasure forever. Thanks ps love the old swing music too.

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