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Meldrum's Pies In Paradise

Cake and pastry shop in the best, bustling cafe strip in Cairns... Grafton Street.

If you are a connoisseur of the Aussie pie this place is your heaven. Proven to make the best pies this state has seen by a string of Gold medals and VERY content locals.

After you visit Meldrum's every other pie shop will be compared to it's awesome standards.

Melt-in-your-mouth pies, delicious bakery sweets and a lunch menu packed full of flavour.





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(07) 4051 8333
97 Grafton St, Cairns, 4870

What people are saying...

1 Jan 2015

If you haven't been here yet, I would highly recommend going! My absolute fave is the Caribbean Chicken Pie, so delicious!
These are without a doubt the best pies in Cairns, and such a range available too, I can always try something new. It's always devastating when I want to get a pie and they are closed, but makes it worth the wait next time.

Niki Biro
22 Jun 2014

The best gluten free pies I have ever eaten. Delicious juicy meat chunks, great flavour and a crunchy pastry. Service was great and oh such a nice surprise that it was so good

Scott Rothwell
12 Jul 2013

Meldrum's Pies are the best Pies your ever going to have. Tasty, fresh and highly addictive...! 10/10

24 Feb 2012

i loved this food and the employies were very respectful and kind...i <3 australia!!!!!!

18 Nov 2011

The chicken and avo pie is to die for. The most amazing fast snack in Cairns...WOW!!

8 Aug 2011

We were just talking about Meldrums Pies last night.
We thought one of our friends had never tried one, as we chorused.."You have never had a Meldrums Pie" But she had.....but only once. How is that possible, they are delicious.

V Quigley
22 Dec 2010

I went to Meldrum's when i was in Cairns in November and had the chicken and avocado pot pie! It was mouth wateringly delicious! I wish there was a Meldrums in my city.

9 Aug 2010

After two attempts in the last couple of weeks to have my favourite Chicken & Avocado pie (tried two other great tasting pies when they didn't have it) I finally had one today, and it tastes as delicious as I remember!

Ben Norris
9 Aug 2010

Have tasted pies in almost every continent and without a doubt would class these pies as the best in the world .... Was drooling the whole way back from my international trips!!

Jesse Hermon
9 Aug 2010

Well when I asked if i want something from Meldrums I said back what is Meldrums. They replied the best place to get pies from. So I bought a steak, cheese and bacon pie. Best pie ever

12 Nov 2009

Meldrums Pies are the BEST!!! Every Friday I have to have one, my favorites are satay chicken or steak chilli and cheese, yummmmmm.

10 May 2009

I love your chocolate mudcake! Been back several times now just to buy your delicious choc mudcake.

sian turner
20 Feb 2009

As a Cairns Local who now lives in Perth, I forver dream of the days when I could have a meldrums pie for lunch everyday! Absolutely amazing so hard to fing pies this great!!

lee havery
7 Dec 2008

Meldrums pies has the best pies I have ever tasted in my life. I love my pies and I have never tasted pies so such good quality. Meldrums pies 10/10

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