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Bushfire Flame Grill

The open kitchen allows you to watch the chefs in action. Their signature Thrill of the Grill concept uses custom-made flame grills with ironbark coals to infuse distinctive flavours of wood scented aromatic spices. An excellent place for groups, friends and social gatherings. While the theme is strongly carnivorous, there's a selection of vegetarian cuisine too.


Spanish, Contemporary, Brazilian


Family Friendly, Buffet, Disabled Access

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Daily: 6:00pm – 11:00pm




(07) 4044 1879
43 Esplanade, Cairns

What people are saying...

15 Aug 2013

Been here a couple of times and love the food.

Agree with other comments where service is slow on Friday and Suturday nights when it is busy.

Can be slightly expensive, but they have a deal where you get there early and you get a discount. Also, book in advance - it has its busy days.

Pascale Smith
3 Oct 2012

Last Saturday we went to Bushfire for the first time.
We had an amazing feed and lots of it!

The side dishes were really nice, especially the sweet corn!
I asked the waitress for some corn without coriander on it, when she checked with the chef, he said the coriander was already on them... A few minutes later, she brought a plate with steaming hot corn... without coriander! I really appreciated their effort!!!

The meat was wonderfull, all of it, my favourite definitely the porc! Steak and lam where juice and flavourfull, even the chicken heart was a nice taster.

To round it all up some juicy caramalised pineaple, for those who aren't full enough yet!

Wait staff were lovely and helpfull, even on a very busy Saturday night and people waiting for tables!

Highly recommend it in all aspects, can't wait to go back myself!

8 Jun 2012

Fun night was had by all. A few beers and all you can eat.The food keeps coming. Not for the vegetarian as its meat meat meat

23 Dec 2011

A culinary gimmick for average food. It's a fun night out with people who haven't experienced it, but once is enough. The Pork and the pineapple were the only perfectly cooked items the rest was over cooked and dry. By all means give it a go but don't expect to be utterly amazed by the quality of food.

5 Aug 2011

Wow! What a dining experience. A group of 18 of us went there for my sisters birthday last Saturday night and from start to finish the experience was faultless. We were welcomed with a smile and taken through to our table. Although at the back of the restaurant, it suited us perfectly being a large group with a few younger children who have the tendancy to roam. A cockaill trolley is then wheeled around and is made in front of you (talk about impressive).

The food was great, well seasoned and keeps coming until your just about ready to pop.
The manager came around and wished my sister happy birthday and ensured that we left happy, which is always a nice touch.

Will be back soon!


11 Apr 2011

4 of us had dinner at the Bushfire Flame and Grill on Friday the 8th of April 2011 and it was excellent. The food was beautiful and the service was fantastic the staff were great. No complaints at all. We will be dinning here again and soon. Thank you for a beautiful meal and night.

21 Dec 2010

We're Cairns locals and this is one of my favourite restaurants to share with friends.

We love the concept of slicing the meat off the huge skewers as it is walked around the restaurant.

On a busy night though, like last Sunday, the service is very poor. You end up waiting a very long time to be fed.

My recommendation is to book on a quiet mid-week night, as it'll be much more enjoyable.

Oliver Wright
9 Dec 2010

An enjoyable experience and have been several times since the kids are carnivores, but the service can be somewhat variable, fantastic the first time, tardy the second.

Being able to choose what bits you have "sliced off" definitely an advantage with a mother-in-law who likes her meat cremated, so something for everyone, and the side-dishes were well prepared.

Only down side - twice they got our bill wrong and we had to correct it (kids eat cheaper!).

2 Mar 2009

This was the last evening of our one week stay in Cairns, and we were looking forward to a special dinner with our group of 7, including our senior parents.
We were pleased to get seated very quickly, and the drinks menu looked promising.
Unfortunately things went downhill from there quickly.

At first we were refused to be served the typical "Churrasco" (All you can eat BBQ) because our parents do not like the typical Brazilian (medium raw) meat. The staff seemed concerned that we might slip some of the "free" meat to them.
FYI: It would be hard to mistake our family for the typical college crowd trying to get a freebie on a AYCE buffet.

At this point we were almost prepared to walk out, unfortunately they came back with the news that they will make an exception, and we can stay.

After this we received our side dishes, but waited for over 30 minutes before (upon repeated attempts to get someones attention) we were served our first cut of meat.

The meat serving was excruciating slow, every cut was only passed by our table once, and - besides only having one (bad) beef cut (and no picanha), the supposed signature dish, Kangaroo BBQ was not available.

To round out this horrific dining experience, we found out in the end that there is a 1.5% surcharge for credit cards (3.5% if you're paying Amex) and an additional charge to split the bill.

Normally my family is used to a good tipping (20% in the USA), but in this case we counted out the cash to the last cent, making sure we didnt leave a dime extra for this excruciatingly poor service.

We travel a lot, and this truly was a remarkable dinner experience.

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