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Industrial take away serving the usual fare of burgers, chips, fish and roast pork with crackling.




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(07) 4051 8998
143 Scott Street, Bungalow

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Greggles Pearce
1 Jun 2011

I like to think of myself as a larger and hungrier version of Matt Preston on a culinary quest for the best fast food in town. As I sit here eating my 3rd (but not last) burger, 1Lt Strawberry milk, 2 Chiko Rolls and 3 crumbed sausages, I think about the food journey that has taken me here.

Most places I would only visit no more than twice a day to satisfy my untamed burger urges, but the epic Food Factory has me comining back several times each day to satisy my culinary senses. Today was no exception clocking in at an impressive 4 times already and its not even lunchtime yet.

I just cant get enough of their bonza cesspit burgers and deep fried goodness 24x7. I dont know if its from stewing in the bay marie for a few hours or what but its great!

And dont get me started on the service, the guy on the grill is such a charmer and pleasant digger, he makes me feel welcome everytime with his IMMEDIATE service. Bonsa Cobbers! Winning!

15 Jun 2010

My work friends and I are always looking for a good takeaway place with steak burgers and chips - the burgers were tasty, and the chips were great!

Nicky Jurd
15 Jun 2010

Had a very large portioned chicken burger here for lunch today. The chicken schnitzel was huge, and overhung the bun on both sides! Very filling.

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