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Bellissimo Gelateria Artigianale

Very popular and attractive gelati store with a wide variety of flavours on display. Lots of tropical fruit flavoured gealti available.




Family Friendly, Cairns CBD, Gelateria

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(07) 4041 6989
54-60 Abbott Street, Cairns (Nightmarkets)

What people are saying...

8 Jun 2012

I went to Bellissimo's every night during my 4 night stay in Cairns. It was the best value for money as the young girls gave generous serves and the chocolate and pistachio were my favourites. Other ice cream outlets were more expensive and serves were less generous. Definitely a must for ice cream lovers.

2 Jun 2012

Best gelato in Cairns!!!! Amazing range of delicious flavours and massive servings!!!! I'll definitely be back! :)

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