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Industry One Coffee

A must stop for the coffee connoisseur as they house a range of specialist coffee brewing methods such as Japanese syphon method, chemex pourover and aeropress.

Industry One is a boutique coffee roaster sourcing fresh coffee beans from the best growing regions in the world (including our own Atherton Tablelands). They sell beans direct to the publish for commercial or home use.

Owners Steve & Ally are passionate about coffee and have a strong appreciation for quality. Stephen is the resident coffee roaster having trained under the legendary coffee identity Tracy Allen.

For the really keen they also sell some of the more interesting brewing equipment too.




Espresso Bar

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Mon – Fri: 6.00am – 2.00pm Sat: 8.00am – 12.00pm Sun & public holidays: closed




0401 888 946
110 Scott Street, Bungalow
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What people are saying...

Greggy Pearce
7 Jun 2011

Could this the eiptome of bonsaness? I am starting to think that I have found my next bunker to hideout in on a semi- permanent basis. From the substantianal sized Ciabatta Toasties (which are generiusly proportioned for the larger gentlemen like me) to the Indy One Coffee brew - a beautiful dark blend impervious to the human eye. Now Bud, I have never been in such a happy state before in my life. 3 large Lattes, 2x Ciabatta Sanga's and a half dozen scones makes me a happy cobber.

The digger with the Pimp hat is a good bloke to deal with, he is a happy chap with most impressive coffee knowledge, but the highlight of the store is the ladies behind the counter. I am sure I set their hearts racing everytime I enter the shop. They are absolute charmers which keep me coming back for more. They always try their hardest to make the best jokes and wise cracks, unfortunately they are no match for my unparrelled wit.

If I were to be so bold as to make some minor suggestions for the store. Perhaps a few small touches for regular patrons like myself - a hot towel on arrival, and perhaps a super bonsa free wi-fi connection with unlimited high speed bandwidth. A full size competition grade billiard table, maybe a few 60" Plasmas with Fuel TV channel would be nice too. Also, I would like to see the store make a permanent transistion to Siphon Coffee. I wonder if they would be also interested in having a few top shelf beers on tap (XXXX Gold, VB, Saki) Nothing like a few cold beers at lunch to make the afternoon at work alittle more desirable.

Industry One - Unbelievable Bud

8 Dec 2010

Great coffee! These guys currently supply our office with their locally-roasted \"Indy One\" blend of coffee beans.

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